Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby Signing Classes in Manila

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If you do want to join a class there are now several classes to choose from. 
1. When I started out, I only knew of Jaymie Pizarro's Baby Lingo Class. She is affiliated with Dr.  Joseph Garcia's group and appears to be the most popular local class.  She also regularly partners with Hobbes and Landes and holds classes in their various branches.  

2. There is another mom, Catherine C. Avanceña who is affiliated with Linda Acredolo's Baby Signs.  She also sells Baby Signs products e.g. books and dvds and has partnered with Fully Booked for classes. 

3. A newcomer is Alaine Antonio of My Smart Hands.  Aside from conducting classes at Julia Gabriel Center in Shaw, she also conducts private classes upon request.  I saw her booth at Expomom May 2010 but got too busy and was unable to check out her products and classes.

4.  You can also choose to go with KinderMusik who has started offering "Sign & Sing" classes for babies as young as 6 months old.  We joined Busy Days with Teacher Elaine when Naima was about 15 months old and we (most especially Stan!) all enjoyed it!  We still regularly play the free cd we got from the class.  I checked out the local educators' schedules but none of them appear to offer the Sign & Sing class.
5. Finally, Gwen Cox of Signing Time Academy has confirmed that one local instructor is almost done with the certification process while there are 3 more instructors are still in the works.  I will update this post when I've obtained information about the certified instructors. 

Here's Naima being featured in Working Mom magazine.  Article was written by Mec Arevalo and signing was modeled by Naima.   

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