Friday, December 23, 2011

DFABShop Ecobag Giveaway

Congratulations to Shirley Mae Tabora and Bing Lorenzo for winning the giveaway!

Please check your emails.

This week's giveaway is hosted by Dona Acero, a fellow member of N@W.   Dona used to be an IT System Engineer.  She is currently a stay-at home mom of a 6-year old daughter and a 2-year old son.  Dona breastfed both of her kids exclusively and decided to be a SAHM to focus on raising her kids.

She recently started a business DONA bags this year and also became a seller of Human Heart Nature products.  Dona is proud that all her bags are made in the Philippines.  Her idea to manufacture her own  bag line came from a fruitless search of a multi-purpose bag (diaper bag, ecobag) that was lightweight and functional.

Dona is still developing her line and hopes to offer a wide variety of bags, pouches and accessories from teens to professional moms that are lightweight, functional, affordable and stylish.  From her current line of bags, the best seller is her Denise All Around Bag - a fashionable eco-bag that is designed for daily use in any situation.  The Denise Bag works as a reusable shopping bag, diaper bag, gym bag, beach tote, overnight bag or an in-flight carry on.  Dona personally uses her Denise as a diaper bag and a shopping bag.  The Denise Bag has 4 interior pockets which works as an instant bag organizer.  It comes in 2 types of material: Taffeta and Fabric (Cotton, Linen, Canvas).  It also has a leather strap for a comfortable shoulder fit.

Aside from her bag line, Dona also started reselling Human Heart Nature Products.  She decided to switch to organic and natural products when she got pregnant because she wanted to use the safest products for her children.  Dona found that the HHN products were affordable and effective.  Her favorites are the Bug Spray and Bug Shield.

You can purchase Dona's products from her Multiply Shop or Facebook Page. Or you can win 1 of two (2) gift sets consisting of 1 Denise All Around Bag and 1 HHN Bug Shield.  Join through Rafflecopter below!

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