Friday, December 16, 2011

Woombie Philippines Giveaway

Our Winners are:
 RiCalyn Sicad for liking the blog's FB page.  She wins 1 Woombie Swaddler (newborn)
Ria Denamarca Laab for following the blog on networked blogs.  She wins 1 Woombie Sleeper.

This week's giveaway is hosted by Val Choa of Quintbelles and Woombie Philippines.

I first met Val (who runs a cake business - Quintbelles - together with her sister) when I asked her to make N's 2nd birthday cake with the theme Strawberry Shortcake:

In the middle of this year, Val contacted me about a new business she started - distributing Woombies in the Philippines.   Val is not yet a mom but found the swaddlers so adorable and decided to bring them in.  She also did some research and confirmed that swaddling babies really help them to sleep better.  For those unfamiliar with it, the Woombie is a one-piece zippered peanut shaped swaddler that is soft and stretchy and creates a little happy womb-like space for sleeping babies.  The babies can still move and push their extremities out and work those muscles but the stretch of the fabric always brings them back in and cuddles them.  The Woombie also help babies sleep better, preventing startling issues, face scratching, overheating and allows parents to avoid the use of dangerous, loose blankets which may cover the baby's face.  The Woombie has been included by Glam-o-Mama Amanda Jacob in her Kiddo Picks.   
Woombies range from P1,200 - P1,500 depending on the style and can be purchased from Woombies Facebook or Multiply pages.  You can also take a chance to win one by joining the Woombie Philippines giveaway with 2 winners!  Prizes are 1 Original Woombie Swaddler (newborn size) and 1 Woombie Sleeper.  Join through Rafflecopter below.  Thank you Val for sponsoring the contest!

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