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Want to support Chronicles of a Nursing Mom? There are so many different ways you can do so.

1. Participate and share.  
Early this year, I have become more active in having guest posts on the blog.  And I expect to have more guest posts for my baby moon in December/January.  So, if you would like to contribute an article related to the topics on this blog, I would love to include them!  You can email me your article and I'll get back to you if the article fits the blog's theme or needs tweaking.

You can also participate by commenting on the posts and sharing your favorite articles to your family, friends and acquaintances!  Don't forget to grab my badge!

2. Suggest.
I would be happy to receive your comments and suggestions on how I can improve this site.  Also, if you would like me to focus on a specific topic, drop me a line and I will try to research and write a post about it. 

3. Subscribe
You can subscribe to my blog for free by email.  You can also like my Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter
4. Reviews and/or Giveaways. 
I do not charge for product reviews.  I also reserve the right to refuse to review products which are against the values and ideals of this blog.   I do not write reviews for products or services that I have not tried.  As my goal is to make information or products accessible to mothers, I do not have product lock-outs.  You are welcome to send samples and/or press releases, announcements but that does not guarantee a review about the product, service or event.  I don't charge for giveaways but whether to accept or when to put up the giveaways and giveaway duration is purely my own decision. 

5. Advertise
If you have a shop, business or product, you can promote it through a giveaway or advertising space.  Kindly note, however, that I only accept advertising for products and from companies that I am willing to use or comfortable in promoting.  Despite having an online store, I am open to giving away or blogging about products that compete with my own because I am in favor of information sharing over information lock-out.  
Contact me for more information and to ask about my blog stats.  Advertising space is currently handled by Passionfruit Ads.  

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