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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Philippine Perspective on that Time Issue

Two weekends ago, an article was published in the Manila Bulletin focusing on the Time Magazine cover.  The writer, Regina Posadas, interviewed 3 Pinay breastfeeding moms (including me!) on how we view extended nursing.  Eliza of The Painter's Wife shared her profound thoughts - especially about the title.  Meanwhile, I shared my own experiences nursing my first-born, N.  Before you read, I want to ask you about the title of the article - "MY WAY".  I thought that it was too aggressive (?) - almost like this is how I want to do things and screw you if you think otherwise.  Or am I just being OA? :D

Anyway, don't forget to read Jen Tan's post on her experiences with attachment parenting and how her own kids (now 11 and 7) turned out.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Winner: Pregnancy Pack

Remember my blog giveaway earlier this month? I finally reviewed the entries and determined that there were only 4 qualified ones - I had requested people to post both at the blog and at my Facebook page.  There were only 4 people who posted both in the comment box and the Facebook page.  Anyway, here are their Facebook comments.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Watering Down the Milk Code

Last Saturday, I woke up to this disturbing update about the Milk Code:

Marketing strategies of formula milk companies have become so widespread and pervasive that they have been able to ingrain the perceived need for formula milk in the minds of Filipino doctors and parents.   Plus, they have been very crafty in getting influential celebrities to spout their nonsense.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Financial Lessons for Kids - Starting them Young

This is totally different from what I regularly post.  However, I feel that the tips given are very useful especially to parents with young kids, like me.  I did not write this article but this was shared to me as part of the Weekly Wealth Watch shared by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas through its Financial Consumer Affairs Group.  The BSP is planning to come out with a book compiling all their tips on being financially independent.  So watch out for that!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Office Pumping Set-up

I have been back to work for almost 3 months now and have my milk expression routine set up.  When I was pumping for N back in 2008, I had my own room.  However, due to space rationalization issues, my employer renovated our office and we are temporarily assigned to another room while our office is still being fixed.  In our temporary room, our set-up is an "open office" with no dividers in between. Luckily, we have a pantry which has become my "pumping room".  
Set-up at the pantry

Monday, May 14, 2012

Guest Post: Knowledge and Experience are the Best Tool

This is a guest post written by Dr. Anne Margaux Bautista-Quezada.  Anne is a General Practitioner and works full time at the Rural Health Unit in Malita, Davao Del Sur.  Anne has 3 kids - Reese Leila (3 yo), Kate Lauren (2 yo.) and Glen Marco (8mos. old).  Her husband, Glinard, is also a Physician and is currently reviewing for his Diplomate Exam in Surgery.  
Anne is from my hometown, Davao City and graduated from the Davao Medical School Foundation.  She became a Licensed Physician in 2007.  Aside from being a full-time doctor and mom, she also blogs at Diapers and Stethoscope and owns the online shop The Shop Next Door where she sells baby products. 
It is quite refreshing to read about the experiences of doctors.  We are a doctor-centric  society and we usually believe everything our doctors say.  I am happy that Dr. Anne was willing to share her own experiences - failures and successes in breastfeeding.  Read on. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Babywearing Safely - Legs Out Position

*This is Part 4 of a series.

As I mentioned in the Introduction, it was Steffany's post in the Natural Parents Network that really got me thinking about babywearing positions and safety. You see, what I picked up from that post was that babies - even newborns - should be in a legs out, spread squat position.

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Mother's Day Giveaway from The Learning Basket

Mariel Uyquiengco used to be a customer at my online store and eventually became the supplier of one of my more popular products.  When she approached me about her hosting a giveaway on the blog for Mother's Day, I happily said yes, especially since one of her prizes was a book that N and I love - Guess How much I Love You.  I'm a frustrated homeschooler and I do admire parents who are able to successfully homeschool their kids - and Mariel is one of them.  

Friday, May 4, 2012

Babywearing Safely - Front Facing, Front Carry?

*This is Part 3 of  series.

I was quite surprised to read how long term front facing front carry position is also discouraged.  As I previously mentioned, we used to carry N in a Baby Bjorn that way. According to Hosanna Camacho, PT, the front facing and front carry position is not advisable for young babies at it puts stress and pressure on their undeveloped spine.  It is only an advisable carry when your baby can crawl as by then, the spine has already developed.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blog Giveaway: So that's what they're for! + Birth Pack

It's time for a blog giveaway! It's been 2 months since I went back to work and things have been quite hectic.  My top priority now is de-cluttering our home - you wouldn't believe the amount of stuff we've accumulated in 5 years (marriage, having N, then now E).  De-cluttering is good because we've been finding things that we thought we had lost.  I also found some books which I realized I had bought 2 of - so I'm going to be giving away one of the copies I have!

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