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Monday, May 7, 2012

A Mother's Day Giveaway from The Learning Basket

Mariel Uyquiengco used to be a customer at my online store and eventually became the supplier of one of my more popular products.  When she approached me about her hosting a giveaway on the blog for Mother's Day, I happily said yes, especially since one of her prizes was a book that N and I love - Guess How much I Love You.  I'm a frustrated homeschooler and I do admire parents who are able to successfully homeschool their kids - and Mariel is one of them.  

Aside from homeschooling, she’s also a Kindermusik educator grooving and feeling the beat with 5 to 7 year olds every Saturday. She started blogging about their fun learning activities at home in 2011 and received numerous questions from Filipino parents. This inspired her and her friend Sanne Unson to open an online shop featuring pre-selected and pre-loved children’s books paired with activity suggestions.  Oh and lastly, Mariel is also an IT consultant working from home in most days. 

Our mothers are our first and best teachers.  Since this giveaway is for Mother's Day, let me share Mariel's previously published post on how SHE became her daughter's first and best teacher.  

When my daughter was a baby, I religiously checked developmental milestones every month.  I bought or made toys for different areas of development, and coached (okay, harassed) our Yaya on what to do with her whenever I was out. Our daily routine, then as now, was planned to have music, books, and a lot of play time.

As Little T entered that age where family, friends, and even strangers were asking where she went or where she was going to school, I found myself researching on what is out there. I considered several preschools, and even thought several times that a particular school or method was for us. Things changed when I stumbled onto homeschooling.

Attachment Parenting Beyond Diapers

Reading and reflecting about the possibility of homeschooling excited me. Little T learning at home, by my side, in a relaxed, unhurried way appealed to me immensely. After all, I have been her teacher from the moment of her birth.

She learned how to walk, talk, eat, and became the wonderful girl she is under my watchful and loving eyes. I am eager to witness her person continue to unfold before me in an environment of love, play, discovery, and exploration.

Being a breastfeeding and babywearing mom, I find homepreschooling a natural extension of attachment parenting.

The Best Education

My husband and I do not wish to enter Little T into the race that early childhood has now become. We are convinced that staying at home and being allowed to explore the world in her own terms is the best education we can give her at this time of her life.

Homeschooling beyond preschool fascinates us but it will have to be thought of, prepared for, and prayed about when the time comes. For now, Little T’s preschool is right here at home, with her first and best teacher – me.


The Learning Basket hopes to inspire parents to be their children’s first and best teacher, and is giving away a special edition of Guess How Much I Love You Book and CD to two readers of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom. The lucky winners will also receive a TeethingBling bangle of their choice.

Contest will run from May 7, 2012 until Mother's Day - 12 May 2012.  Join through Rafflecopter below. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Miriam Ticsay said...

Oooh, I want the teething bangle! :)

Geelyn Cancino said...

another book that mommy and baby will enjoy! :)

Rheea said...

My kids are too old for the teething bling, but we'll definitely love the Guess How Much I Love You book and CD :)

Maiqui said...

hoping to win these two perfect mommy and baby bonding giveaways! :)

Faye Pachoco-Paras said...

I've always favored gifting books to kids and Guess How Much I Love You is always a top choice. But...we still don't own a copy (I am still wishing somebody would gift us back a copy haha) so I'm hoping we win! Lolz. 

Mariel @ The Learning Basket said...

That's too funny! This happens to me too, gifting away something but won't have one myself :) Hope you'll win our giveaway!

Mariel @ The Learning Basket said...

The bling can be just a bling! :D

Gladys Balazo Ermac said...

i hope to win this amazing giveaways. For sure my little man will like it. He loves books... 

Sella Goden said...

Joined. My children would be delighted to have new books to read!

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