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Friday, April 3, 2009

Nursing Pads/ Breast Pads review

I've been breastfeeding for 16months and still leak on one side whenever Naima feeds on the other. So nursing pads have been a great help to me. I've used several brands, both reusable and disposable, with the following comments:

1. Lansinoh Disposable Pads - I chose to use this initially because it is the cheapest disposable pads I could find. but they are thin and paper-like. It feels like there's paper stuck to your boobs especially when it gets wet. I wouldn't recommend it if you're a heavy leaker. But this is discreet.

2. Gerber Ultra-Thin Nursing Pads - This is cottony soft but it doesn't have tape that you can use to stick to your bra. I really like it but it's not available locally.

3. Medela Disposable Pads - This is like the Lansinoh Pads, paper-like and sticks to the nipple when it gets wet and dries up. This is more expensive than the Lansinoh and I just used this because I was given a box by my friend :) This is also discreet - but expensive. Locally, this is available from Maricel Cua, email her here or here.
*caveat: the medela i used is made in the US. Maricel sells Medela pads made in Switzerland, which are of a different quality. I haven't had the chance to use the Swiss-made pads yet.

4. Pigeon Disposable Pads - This is the best I like from the above. It stays on my bra and it's soft inside. But it is bulky. My sister-in-law from HK sends me my Pigeon pads and they are thinner than the locally available ones. But still, if you wear a fitted shirt it will show, especially if you're using a non-padded nursing bra.

5. Baby and Co. washable pads - Bad bad bad! this is cheap and it's very thin!! Leaks bad. Stan and my mom bought a box for me and I've never used them again!

6. Lansinoh Washable Pads - This is made by Milk Diapers. It has a pie-shape wedge that is thicker than the rest of the pad. When you position it properly it absorbs a lot and you won't leak. However, as with all washables, it doesn't have tape you can use to stick to your bra. And it also shows when you use a non-padded nursing bra and wear a fitted tee.

7. Gerber reusable nursing pads - This doesn't have a groove or contour and it looks like baby & co.'s washable pads. But its thicker and the milk kinda spreads when you leak. Plus the outer cover acts like a barrier so the leak won't spread to your shirt. But when the wet pad dries up, it also sticks to your nipples. Locally, I bought this from Aileen Herrera - email her or text 09178150711

8. Mothercare disposable pads - Very cheap! comes in packs of 100 from mothercare store (shangrila and trinoma). It's about 400php for 100 pieces. I currently use it during the night. However, it's not individually wrapped and unlike other disposables, it does not have an adhesive tape which you can stick to your bra/nursing sleep wear. So I need to wear a nursing bra if I sleep in my loose shirts.

the search for the perfect nursing pad continues.....

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meekerz said...

Thanks for this review! I'm in search for the perfect pads too. I'm currently using Mothercare- I was very surprised that this was the cheapest pads around. Works well too. I love the Gerber Ultra thins as well! Because my stocks of those are limited (had them bought from the US), I use these as my special occassion pads. Hehe.

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