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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nursing Bras for Sale

*Stocks updated as of 1 June 2009. New stocks coming mid-June.

As a full time work-out-of-home (WOHM) nursing mom, I'm in constant search of products I can use to help me express milk efficiently at work and be able to nurse in public easily. On top of my shopping list is a good nursing bra. I've amassed various brands of local and imported bras. I finally found a good brand that had a great fit, padded and inexpensive. I decided to share this brand with other nursing moms. So try out "Fabulous Mom" nursing bras.

As a special offer, shipping within Metro Manila is free for the month of May. The bras are all padded and I currently carry 5 styles at introductory prices. For orders, please click the "drop me a line" link at the left side of the page.
Betsy T-Shirt Nursing Bra - 999p (SOLD-OUT!)
A blessing to all our fabulous nursing moms! The much needed padded, seamless t-shirt nursing bra is finally here to compliment your nursing wardrobe. Betsy is padded with soft foam bra cup, and it is seamless so that you can wear your tight stretchy tops without worrying about your nipples or seams on your bra showing. It comes with removable underwire to suit all moms' personal preference. For new moms, remove the underwire for more comfort and for extended nursing moms, you may wear it with the underwire. 2 personal choices in 1 bra, cool yeah? :-)Easy one handed release/put back hook for quick and easy nursing. To nurse, unhook, then fold the bra cup down either inwards or outwards.
Sizes are in 36B, 38B and 38C; Beige ColorJill Padded Nursing Bra - 730p (Sold-out in 34B, 36B, 38B and 38D)
A soft cup padded bra which offers great shape and superb comfort - So there are no worries and embarrassments of your nipples showing after nursing. It has wider sides and back for greater support. It features a convenient one hand operated clip for easy and quick nursing. Fully drop cup for easy nursing and pumping. This also allows skin-to-skin contact with your baby during nursing too. There is still a layer of cloth with elastic side bands for extra support (at the side of your breasts) when the cup is dropped. A little thoughtful something designed by moms who know what nursing moms need.
Sizes are in 34B-D; 36B-D and 38B-D; Nude Color OnlyJoyce Padded Nursing Bra - 870p (Sold-out in 38C, both colors)
Another stylishly designed nursing maternity bra for our fabulous moms – Joyce, which comes in light blue and light green with beautiful embroidery which keep you feeling beautiful. It has cotton lined cups for extra comfort. It offers mom the excellent fit and great shape with its padded soft cups. You can wear it in the normal wearing style or in racer back style for extra support or simply to suit your styles. Features also include adjustable shoulder straps, no underwire and yet still give excellent support, softly padded for great shape, suitable for fuller cups too.
Sizes are in 34B-D; 36B-D and 38B-D; Light blue and light green colors availableRosie Padded and Lace Trim Nursing Bra - 730p (Sold-out in 34B, 34D, 36D and 38C)
Rosie is padded for extra comfort and to provide great shape under clothing. The padding will help prevent nipples from showing after nursing too. The sexy lace trim which creates the underbust band makes the bra looks so pretty and gorgeous. Available in romantic dusty rose which goes well with both light and dark color clothing, The fancy shoulder strap is something you won't mind showing when you're in your tank or wide neck top.
Sizes are in 34B-C; 36B-D and 38B-D; Dusty Rose color Kelly Padded Nursing Bra - 600p (Sold-out in 34B, 36B and 38C)
Kelly is padded for better comfort, better protection, better fit and better value for money! Kelly has a convenient hook for quick and easy nursing access. It features adjustable shoulder straps for better support, comfort and fit. It also has a more discreet 'window' opening, for that extra bit of privacy when breastfeeding in public. Made from high quality completely breathable cotton spandex material.
Sizes are in 34B-D; 36B-D and 38B-D; White floral print


Jen said...

Where was this when I was nursing?! :)

Veronica Lee said...

Hi, I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

Jane said...

Wish you had them in my size! :)

Maan said...

do you have a nursing bra that has underwire, size 34C?

Jenny said...

hi maan! sorry, i currently don't have a 34C with underwire. will post them when I get some more underwires. thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Hrey there, your blog is really very good, I liked the way you come up with different things all the time!

Avent Isis

Mommy Blogging About Journey of Life said...

hi.. is 38B available? for kelly padded nursing bra and Jill Padded Nursing Bra?

mel cantara said...

hello! which of these are still available? are the prices updated? thanks.

Alma said...

Are you still selling these item?

Jenny said...

yes, please visit thanks!

Shin Go said...

Hi jenny!

My estimated due date will be on feb 27,2012. I'm thinking of buying a nursing bra ahead. How would i lnow my bra size then since i heard our breasts get bigger after giving birth ready for nursing?

Also, I'm based in Cebu...if i order from you, how soon can i have my item/s?

Shin Go

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