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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Nursing Mom's Shopping Guide - Update on Clothes

I haven't been updating my shopping guide. I was supposed to write a post on breast pumps available locally but I keep postponing it and it's still languishing in my drafts folder. However, my sister is now a new nursing mommy and I've been checking out stuff that is available for her. Since my last post on nursing clothes, I'm quite amazed at the variety of new brands now available in the Philippine market.

Last weekend I went to Procreation at Shangri-la Mall to purchase some things for my sister. I normally don't buy things from Procreation because I don't like the styles of their nursing tops (frumpy) and I find that their items are more expensive than other stores.
For instance, I was looking for a Palmer's Anti-Itch Oil for my sister's tummy. We first checked availability at Rustan's but only a small bottle, packaged with an anti-stretch mark cream was available for about 1K. The large bottle costing about P450.00 was sold out. I found a similar bottle in Procreation selling for P600.00 -- P150 more than Rustan's which was just at the other end of the more.
Aside from an overpriced bottle of anti-itch lotion, this trip to Procreation yielded a great find - Glamourmom nursing tanks at just P1K each. I recently purchased 1 at a baby-centered one-deal-a day site and paid a little over P1k for it. Definitely, Procreation's Glamourmom tanks are great bargains! And while you're there, you may want to check out their other nursing clothes.

My Lovely Closet
This is a Malaysian brand which has been part of my online store for sometime now. This is also from the makers of Fabulous Mom nursing bras. The clothes are very well made and the fabrics are quite soft. Best of all, they are pretty affordable, ranging from P600 to P1000 per item.
Check out the available designs here.

Mia Bella
This is a new brand being developed by 4 moms from Davao City. This line will focus on mom and son/daughter clothes but since 2 of the moms are nursing moms, they convinced their other partners to develop a nursing line as well. The first collection will soon be completed and will be available at Mama.Baby.Love soon.

Mama Au Lait
A brand which is also locally developed by Jane Lim, new owner of the TerraBabies Boutique. Her first collection is a mix of casual and party clothes. I first saw this brand during the Expomom in November 2009.

Au Lait
This is the newest clothing store that is focused on pregnant and nursing mom. Run by Audrey Chua Uy, they are the exclusive distributor of the Mothers En Vogue line from Singapore. Mothers En Vogue is a very popular but pricey line and their designs are very stylish. Au Lait is a free standing store located at 34 Wilson St., Greenhills, San Juan, with store hours from 11 am - 8 pm (Monday - Sunday).

Spoiled is actually a store located at Mezzanine Flr. Goldland Millenia Suites, Escriva Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig. It is run by Funfy Basa (a college batchmate) who also designed her own nursing wear line under the Spoiled label. The store also carries several nursing wear brands such as Plume, Mamaway and Mommy Matters.

Another local brand which is owned by co-N@wie Hannah Ballarta. I think her family owns a fashion house and she branched out to create a nursing line. Her line is displayed at their sotre located at GF Waypoint Building, 4 Bayani Road, Phase 5 AFPOVAI, Fort Bonifacio Taguig City (beside AFPSLAI).

A couple of nursing tanks from the Fresh Mums brand, as well as locally-made maternity delivery gowns are available here. I first saw them during the St. James Bazaar. This store also carries Milk Bands which are nursing bracelets to help you remember which side baby last nursed on, how long the session was and what time.

I already previously covered other brands such as Mamaway, Blissful Babes, Plume, Mommy Matters and Bosom Buddy in my first post. Check it out here. Let me know if I missed out a brand or store!

I think it is a great thing for nursing moms to have a variety of brands available. When I was a new nursing mom and attending classes, I was always on the look-out for other moms wearing the same top as I was (it happened a couple of times) since there was only 1 popular brand then. But now, the influx of various brands allow nursing moms to cater to their fashion whims while still being able to comfortably nurse in public :)

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rowie said...

I agree. There are so many brands of nursing and maternity clothes available now, compared to when I gave birth in 2008! Isn't it great? :)

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カディス ローラ said...

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