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Thursday, June 3, 2010

So-called Nutrition for Toddlers

Check out what I got in my inbox last week!
Chocolate formula for toddlers?! 
Locally, we have had several chocolate milk brands available - Lactum, Bear Brand.. which gets me to this Lactum ad with mothers all over the country holding a spoon:

The spoon represents a scoopful of Lactum to help your child get 100% nourished. I know we have the Milk Code and all but such blatant claim of nutrition has been generally been ignored, with Mead Johnson churning out several similar commercials in a year. Naima's yaya and I have been talking that despite including the statement "with three balanced meals" in the ad, there is still some element of deception since the statement is so small with the dominant portion being the necessity of the "spoon" representing the formula.

Ads like this influence Pinay moms to depend on formula to bulk up their children instead of being creative in finding ways to include nutritious food for their toddlers. In fact, one of my friends have said that she needed to give more formula milk to her toddler because he ate so little. I'm surprised at how there is a boycott Nestle international organization but no similar boycott Mead Johhnson here.

Since that Lactum spoon commercial won't play anymore watch this ad instead - the son of Nino Muhlach is 1 year 3 months in this commercial.  The commercial implies because the baby is difficult to feed, give him Lactum instead

*Update 6/10/10:
Mead Johnson USA has announced that it will stop the production of the chocolate flavored formula. This flavor was launched is February and just lasted 4 months in the face of criticism. I wonder when the local Mead Johnson will follow and cease production of chocolate and vanilla flavored formulas?

Do toddlers still need to be given formula milk?
Formula Milk for Toddlers

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ambquezada said...

I've seen the ad so many times but they never convinced me. I have a niece in the States who had low blood cell count. i just forgot which blood cell that was. Her mother, which was my cousin, said that she consumes more milk than a regular meal. My niece was 2 years old then.

At 6 months old, we start to feed our babies since milk would not be enough for a growing baby, how much more for a 2 year old kid. My daughter don't eat that much either but I try to encourage frequent feeding. It's not enough that we merely follow what kids want. As mothers, we know better.

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