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Friday, December 3, 2010

Milk Code Violations

UPDATE 1 September 2012:

The Department of Health has launched an online portal where you can report Milk Code violations! Visit this page:

Last Tuesday, I read about how religious organizations and the UNICEF teamed up in an effort to promote exclusive breastfeeding in the Philippines. I'm glad to read that these organizations recognized that their goal of improving lives and welfare of children can be done "by supporting the national breastfeeding policy as a means to improve child survival and nutritional status."

Despite policies and efforts by various groups in promoting and supporting breastfeeding, success is not easily attainable due to the marketing efforts and machinations of milk companies. Let me share with you two photographs from local supermarkets of blatant Milk Code violations:

As fellow mompreneur Jane says, here's what you can teach your toddler - "ARTIFICIAL MILK" - point out the words written on the can, "Breastmilk is best for babies up to 2 years and beyond." Help him write them down on that piece of paper to help him make better progress :D
This one was taken by breastfeeding advocate Velvet. The sign on the photo says" WE WELCOME CHILDREN BELOW 7 YEARS OLD WHEN ACCOMPANIED BY THEIR PARENTS OR GUARDIANS." After taking the picture, she saw a child (about 9-11 months old) with her dad, taking a sample for her to drink. Check out the little boy on the right side of the picture - potential captive consumer for Nestle?

Let me again emphasize the need for volunteers to police and report Milk Code violations. There are groups who do this but they need all the help they can get. Violations are just so numerous that sometimes, we think they are already the norm.

If you want to know how to report violations, check out this previous post.

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