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Friday, January 21, 2011

Treats for Mommy

Remember my post last year about cookies to help your milk supply? I'm happy to report that there is now a local version! Not only that - both cookies and muffins made for lactation are available!
Mommy Treats is the brainchild of Paola Noelle Loot, a first time mommy who wanted to increase her milk supply. She wanted to use non-pharmaceutical galactagogues, tweaked some recipes, tested them on fellow mommies and came up with yummy, milk-increasing goodies!
We all know how bitter malunggay (leaves or tea) can taste but these goodies are yummy!! I am officially on the road to weaning but couldn't pass up the chance to try these goodies (and break my diet!).
The lactation cookies come in 6-piece packs and in three flavors - oatmeal with choco chips, oatmeal with white choco chips and oatmeal with raisins!
According to Paola, each 5-peso coin-sized cookie is packed with natural galactagogues such as fenugreek, brewer's yeast, flaxseed and oats! Exactly the stuff I put in my morning oatmeal at the height of my nursing career! But trust me, Paola's cookies taste a lot better than my morning oatmeal.
Meanwhile, the Muffin Bites come in 3-piece packs, in three flavors: banana oatmeal, banana walnut and carrot walnut. These muffins are packed with fenugreek, brewer's yeast plus oats (for the banana oatmeal muffin).
Paola recommends eating 5-6 cookies or -4 muffin bites per day to help increase milk supply. Each pack of cookies or muffin bites cost P60. She also sells a week's supply at P399 (7 packs) or 2-week's supply at P749 (14 packs). You can also choose to purchase a month's supply at P1,349 for 28 packs - this will be made in 2 deliveries, 14 days apart.
I previously shared a recipe on how to make lactation oatmeal cookies. However, my cookies look nowhere as great as Paola's plus, I'm definitely not a cook! I had the chance to try the cookies over the weekend. However, since I'm on my weaning journey, I focused more on the taste, rather than the effect. The texture of the cookies are excellent - chewy and generously filled with raisins/choco chips. The cookies do have a slightly funky taste - which according to Paola comes from the brewer's yeast and fenugreek combined. Moms who take fenugreek can attest that it is quite bitter and have a maple syrup smell.
The cookies are also quite visually appealing - perfectly shaped scrumptious cookie bites. My favorite would be oatmeal/choco chip - which is the least sweet among the three as I'm really not much of a sweet tooth. The 5-peso sized cookie bites is perfect as you won't be quite overwhelmed by the funky taste and you can easily finish the recommended 1 bag of 5-6 cookies per day.
Mommy Treats is still on soft launch (they opened on 11 January 2011) and Paola has been inundated with orders! She said she will be introducing more goodies so maybe she can include vegan and sugar-free treats on her menu. Check out her products and avail of her soft launch discount of 10% of orders for the whole month of January 2011! Let me know how you like them!

*Photo of Muffin Bites taken from the Mommy Treats website.

*Disclaimer: I received a week's supply of Mommy Treats cookies for review. However, since I'm trying to wean Naima already, I only tried a couple of pieces per flavor for purposes of this review. The rest of the cookies went to my sister who's preemie baby is now 1-year old and still nursing! ;)


Clarissa Yenko said...


Faith said...

Hi, what kind of flax seed is used in your oatmeal? Is it flaxseed meal or oil? thanks

Jenny said...

hi faith! i don't make the cookies. best if you contact and ask the baker - paola of

Faith said...

Oh sorry. I meant the 1/2tsp  flaxseed that you mix with your oatmeal. :)

Jenny said...

it's not oil. i purchased from healthy options

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