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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Babywearing Event

Benz of W@W raised the idea of holding a babywearing meet while attending the March warehouse sale.  Within 1 week, Benz and Charmaine were able to organize a babywearing meet with me, Next9 and Maya wrap - all promoted through Facebook and Twitter.
Benz actually had an ulterior motive in organizing the event - she was going to Australia and wanted to master her Maya wrap and Saya carrier so she or her husband John could babywear Laya throughout their trip.   Since the event was organized in a rush, we held it at a Starbucks in Bonifacio Global City. For a rushed event, we were pleasantly surprised to have about 14 moms attending plus several dads and babies!
Abbie demonstrating the back carry with the Maya wrap
We started by presenting the various types of carriers available - between Jen and me, we had amassed several - Ergo, Patapum, pouches, ring slings, hybrid carriers and we didn't even bring our Moby and Sleepy Wraps!  Then we moved on to discussing the carriers we had that were locally available e.g. SaYa Baby Carrier, Blissful Babes Pouch available through my online store, Next9 carriers (ring slings, pouches) through Jen and Maya Wrap through Abbie.
listening and learning
babies in various carriers
Abbie demonstrated the Maya Wrap while Jen went around helping moms use their Next9 slings (there were about 6 moms with her slings!! - Go Jen!).  I went next, describing the Saya with the demonstrations from Saya users - Charmaine, Benz and Cats.
The babywearing meet was a fun and informal event with moms trying out the various carriers and learning how to properly position their babies.  There have been requests for a second babywearing event so stay tuned for further announcements!


RachelCRZ said...

I'm a frustrated babywearer!  I've worn my son a few times but would definitely want to be more consistent about it.  Hope to attend the next event :-) 

applesanddumplings said...

Hope you'll have one soon! I have no idea how to babywear, what kind of sling or wrap to buy. :) 

Jenny said...

 Medela House is having one this weekend! here are their activities:
The Medela House is busy this weekend!! Check out their events - Breastfeeding 101: May 21 (8:30-10:30am)
Babywearing Meet on May 21 (10:30-12nn) 
Yaya Training Module One (1-4pm) - Newborn Care and Breastfeeding Support
Contact Maricel 0917-5614366 for fees and other details

Janice Lim said...

 Too bad I missed this! Looking forward to attend the next one.

Anne Margaux Quezada said...

 wow hope you'll have one here in davao soon.

Benz Co-Rana said...

uuy now ko lang nabasa this entry. hay grabe babywearing saved my life sa australia. sobrang helpful siya.

let's do babywear 2 as soon as we get a good sched where a lot of peeps are available.  i wanna buy a new one my travel pictures all looks the same kasi I used the same sling all the time.

my sling is outliving my pump! yung pump ko naka pack na itong sling hyperactive mode pa din!

excited for part two!

YME said...

Hope you'll have another one of this event soon!

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