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Monday, January 7, 2013

Facials for Pregnant/Breastfeeding Moms

Among the top concerns of breastfeeding and/or pregnant women refer to beauty choices - is it ok to have a perm while breastfeeding? is it ok to have a tattoo? is it ok to have a facial? and so on and so forth.  I usually refer moms to the relevant websites of La Leche League or Kellymom as both have comprehensive information on what treatments are safe for moms. I used to have regular facials when I was a singleton but this stopped when I became pregnant with N.  First of all, I had a really difficult first trimester.  When I was up and about, I was concerned with the ingredients used since I continued to breastfeed N.  I also did not know that it was possible to use natural ingredients for facials.
At the DermaPro Clinic
Thus, when Candy invited me to visit her new clinic, DermaPro and try out their all natural facial, I got excited.  It had been more than 5 years since I had my last facial, after all.  I met Candy during one of the warehouse sales I organized. Aside from being a breastfeeding mom, Candy also cloth diapers her toddler, Maisie.  Candy is also a dermatologist by profession and opened her clinic with her partner Feliz, who also incidentally breastfed her only child.  Thus, when they were discussing the services to offer their patients, they decided to include an all-natural facial to respond to the needs of patients with sensitive skin as well the pregnant and breastfeeding moms.
Menu of Services
What I like most about DermaPro is that the clinic is divided into individual spaces for the clients.  Unlike those huge mall centers where beds are laid out one after the other, patients from Dermapro are ushered into a private cubicle, allowing them to enjoy their treatment piece.  The clinic is also regularly staffed by a dermatologist - either Candy or Feliz. Now on to my treatment. Since I was still breastfeeding E, I opted for the all-natural facial.  I had researched that breastfeeding moms can have facials but must avoid products containing petroleum, formaldehyde, parabens, retinoid or salicylic acid.  I also read that facials consisting of chemical peels or use of any products that have a pH under 5.5 or over 10.5 should not be done by breastfeeding or pregnant mothers. To assuage my concerns, DermaPro shared the steps and ingredients of their all-natural facial service.
Facials usually consist of key steps. Cleansing, toning to degrease the skin and allow better absorption of subsequent ingredients that are found in masks, creams, and serums that could be applied during a facial, steaming to open up the pores, vacuuming and extraction of clogged oils and blackheads, high frequency to close the pores, and mask & cream application to moisturize the skin. After cleaning with a soapless cleasner, an alcohol-free toner was used. It contains chamomile flower extract, pot marigold flower extract, horse chestnut seed extract, panthenol, and aloe vera. The mask used contains water lily extract, green tea extract, and chamomile flower extract. Finally, the cream used contained safflower seed oil, hazel seed oil, panthenol, and aloe vera.
I had my facial on a Saturday morning.  I was a bit worried because I had heard of horror stories about people having red peeling faces after the procedure.  Happily, the all-natural facial had a great effect.  In fact, after my facial, I had lunch with friends, attended Moms on the Floor and had dinner with the family.  A girl friend even remarked that she thought I was glowing ;) You can visit DermaPro at 200 Wilson St., San Juan Metro Manila.  Call them at 2341354 or 09178328399.  You can also visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter for updates and tips on skin care.

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