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Monday, July 8, 2013

ERGO Review: Performance v. Sport

I purchased my Ergo Performance in Brandsfever Singapore before the brand was brought in the Philippines by Richwell Phils, Inc.  However, when Richwell brought Ergo in, they brought in Original, Organic, Designer and Active.  Performance is not locally available.  Basically, the Original, Organic and Designer all have the same features - the difference is just the material used.  In this page, you can find a technical comparison of the Ergo Original (Standard), Performance and Active.

For this review, I will focus on the specific functions or features that we liked or didn't like about each carrier.  I took the measurements of the body of the carrier. There is a minimal difference - the body of the Performance is a little bit bigger than Active.

If you put them on top of each other, the difference is barely noticeable. 

However, the major difference for me is the material of the body.  The Performance is noticeably thicker than Active.  Both Performance and Active has features which made it cooler than the Original Ergo.  However, between the 2 of them, I would say that the Active is cooler but the Performance is sturdier.  
The Active's body is made of 65% polyester, 35% cotton while the lining is 100% cotton poplin.  Meanwhile, the shell of the Performance is made of 38% polyester, 62% cotton with the mesh made of 100% polyester. It has more material with cotton - which accounts for the thickness.  Hence, when putting on baby, there is less chance of the carrier body being folded in under baby's bum.  With the Active, you have to ensure that after you strap on your baby, the bottom part of the body is not folded in so that your baby will be sure to have a wide seat. 
make sure the bottom is straightened out and no part is
folded in so baby gets a wide seat
One advantage of the Active is that it comes with a vent on the body which is its major cooling feature.  However, if baby is wearing separates (shirt/shorts) make sure that the shirt does not ride up the vent so baby's skin is not exposed.  For the Performance, the cooling feature is would be the mesh panels.  However these are still added materials so between the Performance and Active, I would say that the Active is cooler. 

Active and Performance straps
For the straps,Stan prefers the straps of the Active because they are thickly padded.  He usually lugs his heavy camera bag when he carries E. So the padding of the Active's straps cushions the weight of this camera backpack more than the Performance's straps.  The description of the straps of the Performance is curved and this actually also has an advantage.
Stan finds that the straps of the Active twist more versus the straps of the Performance.   Thus, if you're in a rush or faced with a squirmy baby, it is much easier to put on the Performance because of its curved straps - which prevents them from twisting about.

The Performance comes with a much bigger pocket than the Active.  Further, the Performance's pocket is secure with a zipper while the Active utilizes a hook and loop fastener.  Ergobaby sells separate bags that can be attached to its carrier so you can always purchase that if you need extra space for your things.  

Another thing that we loved with the Performance (which we really missed when we used the Active in Disneyland) was the hood.  Because E is used to being worn, even if we are out the entire day, he is able to nap in the carrier.  This is where we find the hood useful as I feel more comfortable when his head is covered while he is napping.  
Performance's hood
During our last trip, we used the Active without a hood. We found it cumbersome because we had to use a hat, which made E perspire or a lampin which kept falling off.  The Active's hood is detachable so it can be a good thing or a bad thing - because if you forget to bring or lose it, then no hood for baby during the trip!
One thing that I don't like about the Ergo though is that it is really bulky.  You cannot just stick it in your handbag.  Thus, I don't really use the Ergo much when I am just in Metro Manila.  However, for our travels, the Ergo is the staple baby carrier that I bring along with 1-2 other lightweight carriers.  The Ergo helped me survive a 2-day Disney trip because N was sick with fever and had to stay in the stroller while E wouldn't let anyone else carry him except me.

I initially thought that it would be difficult to breastfeed in an Ergo. But it was surprisingly easy.  You do have to be in a nursing top or button down shirt.  I simply loosened the shoulder straps of the Ergo so that E will be at boob-height then used the nursing opening for easy access.
Nursing in a Mamaway dress at IFC Central
ERGObaby® products are available in the following branches: SM Makati • SM North EDSA • SM North EDSA - Annex • SM Megamall • SM Podium • SM Las Pinas Annex • SM Mall of Asia • Rockwell • SM Pampanga • SM Cebu • SM Cebu Annex • SM Davao 

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