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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hakab Na! 2013

Last Saturday, the Philippines held its very first Hakab Na! 2013 breastfeeding awareness campaign.  I was one of the organizers of this event and you can read the background of how we planned and prepared for this event in Rappler.

This activity was a labor of love and you can read the thank you notes shared by organizers Abie and Benz.  I do want to say a special thank you to Aristocrat Restaurant, Roxas Blvd.  To be honest, by the time this event came, I really was unhappy with commercial establishments.  Abie and I had previously met with several malls who we thought would be receptive to the activity.  However, we were both turned down because this was a non-profit activity and perhaps they thought we will be disturbing the paying patrons.

Thus, I was really surprised when Abie shared that Aristocrat (a commercial establishment) agreed to let us use their function room when the showers became a downpour - no longer allowing us to use the open Rajah Sulayman Park.  Hence, I think Aristocrat deserves this special acknowledgement.  There would be no activity had they shoo-ed us out of their restaurant.  Effusive thanks to Ms. Vicky Soliman, the manager.

Special thanks also to the Hakab Na! 2013 fairy godmothers.  They pledged to help even if they were asked only on the day of the activity:

This breastfeeding awareness campaign was organized in Manila, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro and Davao City.  There was actually a huge worldwide event - "The Big Latch-On" which we had hoped to participate.  However, we were not able to complete the paperwork so hopefully, next year, the Philippines can be included in the Guinness World Book of Records activity.

If you missed the activity, here's a peek at the Cagayan de Oro campaign.

Will you join us next year?  Stay in touch and join Breastfeeding Pinays!

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