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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Boycott Nestle. Ask me why.

At the One Asia Breastfeeding Partners Forum last year in Luang Prabang, one of the persons I met was Patti Rundall of Baby Milk Action.  Prior to OABPF, I was already a breastfeeding advocate and actively stopped buying Nestle products for my home.  After listening to the speakers about their ideas, insights and experiences, I realise that supporting the Nestle boycott doesn't mean just NOT buying Nestle products for my family but also telling others who ask why we do it.  Every one person that also supports the boycott and stops buying Nestle is a huge boost to this campaign.

If I've piqued your interest, read on after the jump.
Why support the Nestle boycott?  The boycott started in the 1970's and this PDF file prepared by War on Want provides a comprehensive background.  This article from Business Insider also has a timeline of this campaign.

Nestle has been called "The Baby Killer" because of its marketing practices.  Previously, Nestle salespersons were dressed as nurses and pushed infant formula to the new mothers.  Honestly, I have an issue with companies using healthcare workers like doctors and nurses to sell their products.  These people are health professionals tasked to look after the health of the people - not to act as salespersons for the interest of a company.  

Even if the boycott started in the 1970's, it is still relevant until today as can be seen from the Nestle baby milk labels in different countries.  
click photo to see it in detail
Did you know that the Milk Code of the Philippines specifically states: "Neither the container nor the label shall have pictures or texts which may idealize the use of infant formula."  How do you explain this?
While Bear Brand is NOT an infant feeding substitute, did you know that the top cause of malnutrition for babies in the Philippines is because they are being fed diluted Bear Brand, instead of being breastfed?  Watch this video by the UNICEF - Formula for Disaster:

It's not just about formula milk either.  Aside from saying that water is not a human right and attempting to patent ingredients of breastmilk, did you know that the Nestle chocolate you might be eating right now was made by a child slave's hands?

Because Nestle is into so many products, this info graphic was very helpful to me in deterring what brands to avoid buying.  Can you believe how far-reaching Nestle is? 

On my part, I've removed Nestle products from my household and have been encouraging my siblings to stop using Nestle at their own homes - not yet 100% but we are getting there.  Meanwhile, for events or activities I organise or I'm a part of, I discourage the use of Nestle products e.g. coffee, water, etc.  

Why Nestle and not xxx brand that makes formula milk?  I also avoid the other companies that make formula milk but usually there brands are limited to milk.  It is Nestle that has more brands. Did you know that Nestle is one of the 10 corporations that control everything we buy!

Do YOU have any brands that you boycott? Share your campaign in the comments!

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