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Monday, July 28, 2014

Money Matters for Kids is back!

Three years ago, I took N to an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila to jumpstart her financial education.  I wrote about our experience here.  N was about 3.5 years old then and admittedly, she wasn't mature enough to fully appreciate the activity.  I wanted to bring her back when she was a bit older but there wasn't any there scheduled exhibit until this year.

Early this week, the 2014 Money Matters for Kids was opened by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila.   The target audience are students 12 years old and younger to help them learn the concepts of money, saving, spending and sharing.

While the exhibit is designed for elementary school children, kids as young as 2 will enjoy going around the grocery shop.  E and his friend C spent the morning with their grocery baskets choosing the items they want to buy from wet goods to dry goods.  For older kids, the grocery shop can be used to teach kids to budget and to differentiate needs and wants.  I am glad I was able to bring back an older N to visit this exhibit.  The grocery shop was a perfect activity for her as her current Social Studies lesson was all about needs and wants.

E and C enjoyed having their photos taken at the make-believe bank while explored working in the bank as a manager and teller.  One fun installation were the mock-up ATM machines that allowed kids to try inputting personal identification numbers and using ATM cards.

N also had fun doing the puzzles of the new generation 50-pesos and 20-pesos bill.  She also examined samples of Philippine and foreign currency which were displayed in the exhibit.   The children can likewise use ultraviolet light to know the security features of peso bills and to distinguish between genuine and fake banknotes.  N also tried her hand at comparing a fake 100-piso and a real 100-piso bill.

The exhibit will run until 18 August 2014 and is open to the public Mondays through Saturdays from 10am to 530pm.  This is a fun way to teach kids about money so drop by the Metropolitan Museum of Manila before the exhibit ends.

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