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About the Blog

When we chose Naima's name, family didn't like it because it meant "yaya" or "nanny".  Turns out, the real meaning is something very close to my hear - or rather, my breasts.  In Chinese, "NAI-MA" translates to nursing mother" or "wet nurse".  I nursed my daughter N for three and a half years before she weaned. You can read about our weaning story.  I've also donated milk to NICUs, milk banks, twins, triplets, milk drives, etc.  We have a new nursling, a baby baby boy - E - born on 21 December 2011.

I'm currently a full-time working and pumping mom and I couldn't have gone this long without support from Stan, family and friends. I've been blogging in friendster, multiply and facebook but decided to compile all my parenting and breastfeeding-related posts in this site.

Aside from breastfeeding, I also write about babywearing, cloth diapering, healthy eating and other topics to promote the natural parenting and attachment parenting lifestyle.

This blog is not only for fabulous breastfeeding moms but also for pregnant and trying to conceive couples who are interested in the natural parenting lifestyle. Meanwhile, if you're looking for fab, fun finds for moms and kids, check out my stuff here and please fill up the Order Form.

Happy reading!
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