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Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Baby Wearing Baby

Although Naima has a stroller, Stan and I (or her yaya) usually carry regularly. We have 4 types of slings/pouches/carriers for her which we used at different times.
First was the moby wrap. I bought this from Inova's breastfeeding center. We had been told that the moby helped moms successfully breastfeed since it promoted kangaroo care, etc. What they did not say was that a lot of practice was necessary to make the sling work and what I did not realize was that it was not suitable for our tropical climate! We eventually got a Baby Bjorn Air, which Stan and Naima loved. Stan was the primary user and Naima could fall asleep in it.
However, it became difficult to use when Naima got heavier. So I
got a pouch from blissful babes. I used it whenever I go shopping since it keeps my hands free! It secures Naima, especially when we have to take the escalator in malls. Stan doesn't like the baby pouch coz he thinks there's "too much body heat". We also have a Patapum Toddler Carrier which we now used. It's a backpack carrier which I initially found a bit complicated. But I use it regularly now since it provides good back support. Naima is very well-behaved when she's in her backpack carrier.
Since Naima is regularly carried in her baby pouch, she uses it for her toys, too! Here she is carrying Froggy in her Baby Pouch and her new toy, Kiwi, in her homemade nappy sling. I love baby-wearing Naima. A sling/pouch is easier to maneuver and convenient to carry around. My only problem is that with Naima at 24lbs., I can't carry her for long without getting tired! Haha, I need more exercise :D

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Pat Grace said...

Hi Jenny! I do think I'm going to buy a mei tai to use for back carries. Also, as for the wrap, there's a... gauze type that they say is ok for tropical weather, the Wrapsody Bali Baby Breeze. :)

- Pat

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