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Monday, June 1, 2009

A Nursing Mom's Shopping Guide in Manila - Nursing Bras

*This is the 4th of a series.

When I started nursing, the nursing bra that I regularly used was the vest-like pull-over soft bra I got from motherhood maternity. It served its purpose since I didn't go out much in the first 2 months of Naima's birth. However, when I started to go out with Naima in tow, a good nursing bra (padded, good support, easy to unhook) was a necessity. Naima would nurse anywhere. Although I initially didn't want to nurse in public, I was usually faced with a wriggly and hungry baby -- so aside from nursing tops, I decided to invest in good nursing bras.
My first bra purchases were from SM - soen and sogo bras. They were cheap (about P350 a piece) but offered no support and not-so-good-quality materials -- after a couple of washings, my bras started to get holes, the fabric became rough and I needed to look for new bras to replace them.
My better bras came from Marks and Spencer in Glorietta 4. They were expensive, lacy and unpadded. But they were well-made - better than my soen/sogo bras. Thanks to my sister in law in Singapore, I also got a pair of Mothercare Moda bras - padded in black and white, I loved them. But since the padding was quite thick, I only started to use them when Naima had mastered the latch and could already control her head. The padded cup got in Naima's way when she was younger (and lacked neck strength/control).
Finally, my latest bra purchases were from Fabulous Mom - bras made in Malaysia which I bought in Singapore. These bras were also padded and best of all, they were affordable. The pads were soft enough and the designs were pretty. I liked them so much that I decided to become a reseller and bring them to the Philippines :)
Now, a lot of nursing bras are available in the market. However, they are still not generally accessible and are only found in specialty shops (unless you pick the department store bras). Even the bras in Marks and Spencer are usually out of stock. Here's a listing of available nursing bras in the Philippines.

Fabulous Mom from Malaysia - check them out in my Multiply site or here in Blogspot. 'Nuff said :D

Mothercare (Shangri-la - 6311896 and Trinoma - 9016352)
I'm happy to report that my Moda padded bras are now available in Mothercare. Aside from the Moda padded bras (P1,500 each), they also carry lacy unpadded bras (similar to Marks and Spencer), which cost P2300 for a pack of 2.

Marks and Spencer (several branches)
Nursing bras are often out of stock - so it is better to call before going! They carry 2 styles which are both non-padded and non-wired. Each pack comes in a pair of 2 (black and white) and you can choose from either lacy or embroidered. Each pack of 2 costs P2,450.00.

Debenhams (ShangriLa - 6329802, Glorietta - 8184783 , Trinoma - 9015653)
Debenhams (in Rustants) carry 6 styles of nursing bras. They have 1 style which is padded and costs P1,800 per bra. They also have 5 various styles of non-padded bras which come in a pack of 2 and costs P2450 per pack.

Hot Pink (Rockwell - 8981959)
Hot Pink also has a branch in Robinsons Place but their nursing bras can only be bought in their Rockwell branch. They have 2 styles both unpadded. One style has no brand, comes from Mexico and costs P995, while the other is from Canada (CG Grenier) and costs P2,200.

La Leche League bras
Roots and Wings Trading has brought in La Leche League bras in various styles and sizes. The bras are available in their showroom in Valle Verde 1, Pasig City. Call Joy at 6715826. *Update - 5/31/2010 - my online store now also carries La Leche League bras.  Please check them out. 

One of the better brands is Bravado which is one of the top-selling bras in the United States. It's only available in Procreation (6354410 loc. 25) in Crossings, Shangri-La Plaza and costs P1960 (for the original), P2500 (padded) and P2300 (microfiber bra). I've been meaning to buy one but couldn't justify paying about P2K for just 1 bra. Luckily, I found Fabulous Mom :) *Update - 5/31/2010 - Rustan's now also carries the Bravado. You can read more about this brand in several blogs - manila fashion observer, Heart to Heart Online.

If it's an emergency and you really need the bra, easily accessible ones are in the department stores. I usually purchase mine in SM and buy Sogo or Soen. Also, if you have access to Triumph and Avon Direct Sales Marketing (think Avon lady), check out their catalogs for nursing bras. I've been looking for Triumph and Avon ladies but can't seem to find any.

For pumping moms, I was happy to see that the Easy Expression Bustier is now locally available. This bustier has a "patented zip-front strapless design design" for effortless and easy hands-free pumping. Youji&Me (7563838 or 7560767) at Greenbelt 5 sells them at about P1,950 each.

Update 5/31/2010.  Shameless Plug:
I've expanded the bra choices in my online store.  Aside from Fabulous Mom, I now carry QT Intimates, Dynabelly, Amara, PumpEase, La Leche League, Blissful Babes Bandeau and Mamaway nursing bras.  Do check them out.  Thanks!

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