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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mice Milk

Would you consider feeding your baby mice milk?!!! National Geographic reports that doctors in a Russian experimental farm are milking genetically modified mice and trying to harvest lactoferrin (human breast milk protein) to create healthier baby formula. YIKES!!! Sure, the researchers also said that should the human lactoferrin be successfully harvested, cows, goats and rabbits will be used to "manufacture" this in the future.
Still, it scares me to think about what the actual contents of the current formulas being marketed out there are. Sure, there are labels listing the ingredients - a dizzying scientifically worded list. Who knows where these ingredients are sourced from.
Aside from the contents, formula feeders have to contend with sanitary preparation! A very informative documentary created by UNICEF in 2007 entitled "Formula for Disaster" describes how the milk companies' goal to increase profits and effective market formula milk in my country has resulted in the decline of breastfeeding rates and more infant deaths (due to unhygenic milk preparations). More reasons to promote breastfeeding!

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