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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nursing at the NAIA 1

Thanks to Nikki B for the heads-up!

Breaking news from the Inquirer: The Manila International Airport Authority opened today the "country’s first airport-based infant feeding station at NAIA Terminal 1 for departing and arriving passengers and their very young children."

Actually, we already have a breastfeeding station at the Davao International Airport. The opening of another one in a Manila airport is very welcome! So what's great about the MIAA feeding station?
1. It's airconditioned, with 4 cubicles, cots and comfort chairs
2. Right across Duty Free
3. comes with amenities like hand sanitizers, a water dispenser, bottle warmer and first-aid supplies.

What's not so great about it? You can only use the cubicle to feed your baby for up to one hour. What if you have a snacker?! The feeding station has a waiting area with cable television. So do they expect you to go to the waiting hour when your hour is up, then back again? Hmm... in that case, I think Naima and I are better off nursing at the regular waiting area without having to move after 1 hour.

Anyway, the feeding station is at Gate 16 and to use the facility, the passenger needs to show his or her passport and boarding ticket and fill up a registration logbook. This feeding station is planned to be replicated at the other NAIA terminals operated by the MIAA. Hopefully, every airport in the Philippines will soon have a feeding station as well.

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