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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pumping Moms! - Giveaway Week 1

I’m a working, pumping mom who never got the hang of hand-expressing milk.  So the pump was definitely a very good friend for 2 years.  When I first went back to work, I pumped 4x a day at the office, 1x when I woke up and one more time before I sleep (if Naima drank a lot that day).  That's about 2 hours of pumping per day or 60 hours per month for the first 6 months.  Pumping sessions slowly waned and now I am just at one pump a day - storing milk for my preemie niece.  
My most recent post on pumping was about the Time Magazine article on exclusive pumpers.  I also previously wrote about how pumping moms can increase and maintain their milk supply to ensure a long-term nursing career.   I compiled tips on proper milk storage and even wrote about how we set up a lactation program at my workplace.
Pumping is definitely not easy and I'm sure every pumping mom has a story to tell about their pumping challenges - from plugged ducts, to no let-down as well as have their own tips to share to new pumping moms.  For this week, the give-away will be 1 box of Honeysuckle Breast Milk Storage Bags which consists of 25 pieces of bags.  I will be giving away 2 boxes which means there will be 2 winners.  

Honeysuckle Breast Milk Storage Bags are the new solution to your milk storage needs.  A superior double zipper closure lets you know when you've sealed the bag.  Our bags have an excellent tamper evident top to insure sterility and a large writing area for you to mark the date and other information.  Wide side seals and a reinforced bottom offer leak protection not available with any other brand.  These bags are made from FDA approved, BPA free materials,  to far exceed today's demanding ecological and safety requirements.
What sets these Breast Milk Storage bags apart from others is that they are the first line available that are environmentally conscious.  With the inclusion of the Oxo-Biodegradable technology, these bags will deteriorate in the environment in approximately 18 months after they are disposed of.  This will provide a better future for you and your child.

Read a review of the Honeysuckle Milk Storage Bags here

How to join this contest?
Leave a comment about your biggest pumping challenge with a tip to pumping moms.  You can also get extra entries (total of 4 entries) by:

  1. Becoming a fan of Mama.Baby.Love on Facebook.
  2. Tweeting about this giveaway (please leave a link to your status update.  Right click in the time stamp and copy the URL).
  3. Blogging about the giveaway (please leave a link to your blog entry)
Leave a separate comment for each entry so it will be counted separately.  One comment = 1 entry.  However, a pumping challenge + tip counts only as 1 entry even if you write down xxx number of challenges/tips in separate comments.
If your email address is not in your public profile, leave it with your comment in words (e.g. fabnaima[at]gmail[dot]com) so I can contact you if you win.
This contest is open to readers within the Philippines and items will be shipped to you for free using Xend.  Contest will end on May 7, Friday at 11:59PM.  Names of winners will be posted in this entry and will be contacted by email.  Please respond within 48 hours – otherwise, I will choose another winner.  Two winners will be chosen using  Winners can win once per week.

Week 2 Giveaway already up HERE.  Winners will be announced on Tuesday.   

Congratulations to the winners!
Mavie and Nachobing.  Please check your emails.  
Deleted comments not included in count.


Nacho Bing said...

My biggest pumping challenge which I am still experiencing now is the absence of a lactation room in the office. It's bad enough that I have to use the (single) toilet to pump, but I have to wait when somebody gets there ahead of me and it can get worse depending on what that person did (yeah I know, yuckers!) sigh :( My tip to pumping moms: Patience, patience my young padawan(s):D

Nacho Bing said...

hi sis, already a fan (or likes)Mama.Baby.Love on FB!/binglorenzo?ref=profile

Nacho Bing said...

Done tweeting!

Nacho Bing said...

done blogging about it as well :D

*KiM* said...

When I was using a manual pump, it was really hard for me to have a letdown. So during a feed, I just pump the other breast :). But my hubby and I decided to invest on a double electric breastpump and it's heaven.

I'm already a fan on Facebook. Happy Anniversary to your blog!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yummy Mummy said...!/profile.php?id=702043697&ref=profile

I'm a fan already in facebook!

Yummy Mummy said...

My biggest pumping challenge is to wake up at 3am in the morning to pump! Really hard to stay awake while pumping at this time. What I do is to set my alarm 30mins before my pumping time so I can snooze for a few minutes before I get up. I also try to remember that this small sacrifice is for my baby and that gives me the energy to rise from the bed! It also helps that I have a double electric breast pump which cuts the pumping time significantly!

Mavie said...

My biggest challenge was the first time I nursed my baby. It was a painful experience. I had cracked nipples and my baby seems unsatisfied every time. Tip: Don't give up. Be patient. Just think that it's good for the baby. Learn from experiences of other moms.

Mavie said...!/profile.php?id=1251835869&ref=profile

Done na sis

Ants said...

posting on behalf of jaydee

Ants said...

posting on behalf of jaydee

I had a hard time with my Medela pump-in-style, which we bought in the US, since ac adaptor was too bulky. Currently, I have 2 breastpumps. One to carry around, which is the Medela Freestyle. It's very light and convenient. When at work, I go to the vault to pump. Nothing was easy at first, but it became routinary already after a while.

Unknown said...

My biggest pumping challenge is to PUMP & FEED at the same time. I do this in the early mornings, between 3-5 a.m. so I can keep up with baby's increasing demand and to exclusively breastfeed her while I'm at work. Yes, it's such a challenge cause I have to strike a good balance between holding her on one arm while breastfeeding and pumping the other breast. Not to mention I use Avent manual sometimes! Oh, now that she's 7 months, she likes to touch, tinker or kick the pump as well. I've been doing it since she's 3 months and I guess have doing a pretty good balancing act!

Anonymous said...

One of the most important thing – do not look at the breast milk while you are pumping to avoid frustrations. Try to relax, you will be surprise on the amount of milk that u'll be able to produce when relaxation comes in. Try to listen to music or watch your favorite tv series while doing your mommy duties ^_^

rosette ecleo-sacil said...

My biggest pumping challenge was having to hand-express breastmilk at work 4x a day. I could not afford an electric pump because it’s too pricey for me, but it didn’t stop me from giving my milk to my baby. I used to have a manual pump but later on realized that I was able to express more milk with my hand than with a pump. Hand-expressing is very tiring but I just think of it’s many benefits both for me and my son and I’m all good. My tip for pumping moms like me, relax during your “moo time”, leave all your work and worries in your desk for a while and pump away.

rosette ecleo-sacil said...!/profile.php?id=1080445282

already a fan in facebook! i hope i win!

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