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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Belated Happy Father's Day

To all the dads and to my Stan - belated happy father's day! In my experience (and I'm sure as with other moms), dads are the backbone to breastfeeding success. During last Saturday's La Leche League meeting, the topic was all about support - people who can help the mother succeed in breastfeeding. I was happy to see several dads attend the meeting. Abbie asked the attendees to share their experiences with their husbands/partners. Since we had some pregnant mothers attending the meeting, I thought that it was quite helpful for them to hear how their partners could participate in the breastfeeding relationship.
In my Father's Day post last year, I shared how Stan helped me overcome the frustrations and fears I had in breastfeeding Naima. I also shared an article from BabyCenter Philippines about dads and breastfeeding. In my experience, I cannot overemphasize how important it was for me to have had Stan's support, allowing me to successfully nurse Naima until now. Every time I had doubts whether I still want to continue, he would always say how healthy Naima was, how Naima would appreciate the sacrifices I've made so far and that it was entirely my decision whether or not I wanted to continue and he would support me.
There is a myriad of information available (aside from Baby Center Philippines) on how dads can be part of the breastfeeding relationship. I've compiled several websites for new moms (and dads) to check-out:
1. Kellymom - compilation of links and reading materials
2. - an article talking about various dads' experiences
3. La Leche League International - compilation of links and reading materials, including a FAQ
4. Ameda - includes a printable hand-out on Dads and Breastfeeding
5. Fathers to Be - also includes a compilation of links and reading materials
6. The US WIC Program - targeted towards African-Americans but what I like about it are the handouts focusing on how breastfeeding is a joint decision by moms and dads

Happy Reading!


Unknown said...

true true true. i wouldnt be successful if i am "breastfeeding diwa alone"! jen can i repost this on my fb, where the population of my friends+relatives who bottle-feed their babies far outnumber breastfeeding parents? thank you.

Jenny said...

sure jowan! thanks for visiting :)

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