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Monday, August 30, 2010

To cap off the breastfeeding month celebrations, let me share photos taken by The Stork Studio's Stanley Ong and Sofia Genato which LATCH used for the exhibit during Breastfeeding Week at Eastwood Mall.
Karen and Ino

Celebrity mom Tintin Bersola-Babao with her 2nd born baby Nio at 4 months.
This was shot for Working Mom Magazine

Palawan-based Monica with Santi
LATCH President Buding with Colby
Benz with 4-month old Laya
Charmaine with Cameron

Host Amanda Griffin-Jacob with Caleb
This was shot for The Farm at San Benito

Claire and Ranyag
Coykee and Amara
and of course, Naima and me.
This photo was taken when she was just 7 months old. Since then, we have amassed a number of breastfeeding photos which I really should compile!

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Tyia (Lilwildflower) said...

Another awesome post!!!  If people knew how amazing it is to breastfeed and how beneficial it really is, I don't think they would say half the things they do...

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