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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

What do you think of milk companies banding together with the purpose of improving awareness of and access to appropriate nutrition for infants and young children?

I recently came across this organization - Infant Pediatric and Nutrition Association of the Philippines which is a "trade association" composed of Abbot, Fonterra, Mead Johnson, Nestle and Wyeth. Their website has a lot of broken links but I found the website of their developer, which lists down their purposes, goals, etc. Here are some screenshots and I let you be the judge.

Why do these milk companies need to band together? The screenshot above may be too small.. so here are their guiding principles and objectives

Guiding Principles and Objectives

To promote responsible business practices and ethics among IPNAP member-companies;

  1. To provide infants and young children food products that are scientifically formulated, safe, nutritious, and of the highest quality;
  2. To disseminate up-to-date, factual and trustworthy information on infant and young child nutrition;
  3. To develop better public understanding of matters relating to the Industry;
  4. To be a key contributor in the development of appropriate regulations governing the Industry, and to ensure compliance therewith;
  5. To engage key stakeholders in achieving the IPNAP vision and mission; and
  6. To be an effective voice for the industry.
First photo and set of officers is as of 2009-2010 - could this be in response to the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations and the Supreme Court's ruling that the same is valid (except for a couple of provisions)?
Definitely an organization to keep an eye on - particularly on how they could insidiously engage "key stakeholders" towards achieving their vision and mission - like that of Mead Johnson's partnership with the DSWD.

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