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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blog Giveaway: Nipple Cream from Motherlove

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Do you know a pregnant or new mom who would like to try out Motherlove products?

Motherlove just celebrated their 20th anniversary -- they have been making natural, safe and effective products (without toxins!) for women since before any other company thought it was necessary. To give you an idea of the history and legacy of this company, Motherlove has been in business over twice as long as any other truly-safe brand. Their products are all rated 0 on Skin Deep for toxicity (zero is the lowest possible rating).
Their most popular product is the More Milk Plus galactagogue which has been considered effective by both lactation counselors and moms alike. My sister used More Milk Special Blend which we bought for HKD$390 at MamaBBShop in Tsimshatsui. Locally, this product is not available except from multiply resellers through pre-orders. Nearest retailer would be Hong Kong or you can choose to order from the Motherlove website - worldwide international shipping is available through UPS. Shipping costs may be calculated through the online shopping cart. 
Motherlove products are now locally available from Hatch & Latch!

For this giveaway, Motherlove is offering their Nipple Cream.
The Nipple Cream is the only USDA Certified 100% Organic nipple cream on the market today, and Motherlove has been making this product lanolin-free for over a decade. Completely safe for mom and baby, Nipple Cream is a softening salve for sore, cracked nursing nipples. Helping to quickly heal skin and relieve discomfort, the cream is safe for ingestion and does not need to be wiped off prior to nursing.
Ingredients are: extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, marshmallow root and calendula - all certified organic ingredients. Motherlove further assures moms that the Nipple Cream does not contain lanolin (which contains pesticides) or Vitamin E (which should not be ingested by infants). Check out Motherlove's Blog for more on what ingredients should not be in nipple creams/ointments.
To join this giveaway, here's what you need to do:
1. Visit Motherlove's Product page and leave a comment on which product you'd love to be locally available.
2. Like Chronicles of a Nursing Mom on Facebook and Like Motherlove on Facebook
3. Tweet about this giveaway - @crazydigger Win Motherlove's Nipple Cream
4. Blog about this giveaway
*1 entry per item - you can do just 1 or all 4 :D
Don't forget to leave a comment about the entries you did. You don't have to leave 1 comment per entry. I will print your entries and have my daughter Naima draw, ala Chuvaness style. :) This contest is open to all Philippine residents and I will ship your item to you for free. Contest ends on 30 October 2010, 12midnight - extended to 2 November 2010!


Sorry for the delay.. but I'm happy to announce that we have a winner.

Congrats Kirei_Tenshi!! Please email me within 72 hours to claim your prize. Otherwise, we will have to draw another winner.


Gynne said...

Hi! I already did all of your requirements. And I must admit it's not easy haha! But I really love to win one! I'm not so sure if the one I'm using for nipple (100% Lanolin) is safe. I'll be giving birth by end of nov. I really hope I would win this one!

Unknown said...

Hi! Done with the requirements. I'll be giving birth to my first baby early next year and I'm planning to breastfeed him until two years. Really hoping to have this one..:)

Beej said...

Done! I am on my first pregnancy and I am looking forward to breastfeed my baby for at least a year. :)

Janice said...

Hi! I did made my entries already and even posted a link on my Multiply site. :D I hope I win! I'm giving birth to my third child in March and planning to fully breastfeed this time around. This product will really be a big help, I'm sure. :D

Jackie Lim said...

Finished with mine :)

Mae said...

I would love to have their More Milk Plus to be made available locally so more moms will be encouraged to breastfeed knowing there's a product that would increase their milk supply that is safe for moms and for babies.

1. I liked Chronicles of a Nursing Mom and Motherlove on Facebook.
2. I tweeted about this giveaway:
3. I blogged about the giveaway:

I Hope I win! Thanks for a great give away!

Kirei_tenshi said...

Already done with number 2. As for number 1, I would really be happy if More Milk Plus is made available locally. I think it would be a big help to breastfeeding (and soon to be breastfeeding moms) if they knew that there is a product in the market that would be able to help them bosst milk supply, especially on those low supply days. :)

Alex said...

Hi Jenny, love your bog!!!! Done with # 1.

Alex said...

Did # 2. I have a question, I don't have tweeter can I post this in facebook: mommysense and transition? I will wait for your reply :)

Badet said...

1. I hope the More Milk Pluse capsules will be available locally. Breastfeeding moms will surely benefit from this to increase milk supply. And because it's in capsule form, moms can just pop it easily.
2. done liking the 2 pages
3. tweeted (username: badudets)

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