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Friday, September 16, 2011

Formula Marketing at the Manila Book Fair

It's time for the Manila Book Fair once again - and this reminded of a post about last year's event that I had been meaning to do!  One of the side events during the Manila Book Fair is Super Kids 2011.  Last year was the first time that I had heard of it so I was quite excited when I saw the flier promoting the event and the description of the event, especially when I read about the special feature pavilions.
SUPER KIDS FAIR is an active learning experience that will empower young children through diverse opportunities that will leave both the young and young-at-heart blown away. The Fair also boasts of a host of special learning sessions, workshops and cool activities that will equip parents, guardians, educators and adults with the latest in child care and development, parenting, education and others. Special feature pavilions like "Toys Galore", "Kraftsville" and "Glam Up" are expected to draw interest among visitors
while stage presentations such as "Kids Got Talent" will add fun, thrill and excitement to the event.
So off I went to the Manila Book Fair.  I was also supposed to meet Next9 Jen for the Super Kids 2010 event but good for her - she was late because this was what I saw at the "special feature pavilions":
Milk companies sponsoring the pavilions!
plus with free samples
i think every formula milk company was represented!
Forgive the camera-phone photos but clearly they show that the "special events pavilion feature" was a huge joke! Super Kids 2010 was just another venue for formula marketing.  Plus I had to pay an entrance fee to be bombarded by those pesky milk company reps!
For Super Kids 2011, the entrance fee is now P1,500 for students (P750 if you purchase in advance from En Sogo) and P4,200 for other participants.  The organizers have partnered with child experts such as Dr. Francis Dimalanta and Dr. Queena Lee-Chua among others.
I called the organizers (PrimeTrade) who told me that unlike last year (where it was a tiangge of formula milk companies) this year's event is formal - conference type.  Well, I checked the main presenters' list and here we have "PROGRESS PRE-SCHOOL GOLD" as its main partner.
Well, I hope Wyeth or Primetrade Asia secured permits from FAD.  All I can say is that these formula milk companies are really insidious in their marketing tactics! I mean, who would think that a formula milk company can penetrate a book fair?! This shows you that they can and with all these marketing efforts, etc. now you know why formula milk is expensive.


Martine | said...

Wow, that's a LOT of booths by milk companies in the kids' area. Subversive talaga, aren't they?  

Carol - The Lazy Mama said...

Yaiks! It's amazing what money can do. Expensive marketing = expensive milk. Pinagbayad ka pa ano?

applesanddumplings said...

Tiangge it is nga. Grabe. No wonder talaga why formula is expensive! Tsk.

Francis Mckinley said...

The items here would sell better if they try experiential marketing. Social network sites are the best tool to boost sales.

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