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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mothering Earthlings Feature

I'd like to welcome my newest blog sponsor, Mothering Earthlings.
This online store is run by one of the quirkiest blogger around - Rone Guerrero who maintains a really fun blog and tweets as Earthlings Mama.  The blog chronicles the crazy antics of her 2 earthlings and how she manages to cope with them.
N had this onesie!
She also maintains the online store Mothering Earthlings with a counterpart international store focused on bringing together various unique Filipino brands and making it easy for moms to shop for their own earthlings. The store also carries well-loved mommy brands such as Next9, Nursingmom, Indigo Baby and Mommy Matters.
But what makes this store stand-out would be their line of Earthling Gear! Currently, Mothering Earthlings is the sole retailer of my favorite baby clothing brand - Agoo Baby - alternative and edgy apparel for newborns and infants.  Aside from that, the store also has one-of-a-kind baby clothing from Azatri,  googoo&gaga and Planet Baby.
Still pregnant? Don't forget to sign up for the store's baby registry and you definitely won't be disappointed with the gifts you'll be getting for your baby.
Rone plans to bring more interesting Filipino brands to her store.  So don't forget to like Mothering Earthlings on Facebook and keep updated with the newest brand!


Mom-Friday said...

Like, like, like Mothering Earthlings :)))  already sourcing items for gifts this Christmas.

Rone Valles said...

Thanks Jenny! 

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