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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cupfeeding E

As I prepare to go back to work, foremost in my mind is how E will be getting my breastmilk.  I had nipple confusion issues with N.  However, with N, I went back to work when she was already 7 months so I didn't have any issues with giving her the bottle then.  With E, I will be going back to work when he is 2 months old.  We have a great breastfeeding relationship and I don't want to jeopardize it by introducing a bottle.

What's the best solution?  Cupfeeding!  Breastfriends like Velvet, Dr. Mianne and Dr. Jessa teach cupfeeding and recommend that I teach Erik.  However, I could only get to them at the last week of February.  I wanted my nanny to learn earlier to give her time to practice.  She had been attempting to cupfeed E with little success because she lacked confidence and was afraid of E every time he cried!
Velvet referred me one of Arugaan's community leaders - Nanay Rich Talle.  Nanay Rich was actually an Arugaan-trained lactation masseuse.  However, Velvet said that she could also teach my yaya how to cupfeed E. So  I contacted her and asked her to come for cupfeeding instructions and a massage. 
Nanay Rich came on a Monday.  Normally, the lactation massage comes with breastfeeding counseling.  In my case, I didn't ask for counseling anymore but cupfeeding instructions instead.  
Here's Nanay Rich teaching E to drink milk from a cup

According to Nanay Rich, babies also need to be taught to cupfeed.  She also asked me to warm my milk a little so E won't be "shocked" by the cold temperature.  Nanay Rich also massaged N (who had colds and coughs) which was extra. She taught my yaya how to massage N and E.  
E's nanny was happy that Nanay Rich came because she felt more confident cupfeeding E. She's practicing everyday and hopefully will be able to successfully cupfeed E when I go back to work. 
You can reach Nanay Rich  at 09163086434.

*Read this post for a step by step instructions to cupfeed with photos from Babymama.


next9 said...

great idea! he's so cute, jen! i want to bite his cheeks sana!! heehee!

Anonymous said...

Go, go, go, Jen and baby E! I have no doubt that yaya and babyE can do it. As you probably know, I cup-fed my son when he was just 6days old :) my son is lucky because my sister is a protege of Dra. Mianne Silvestre in UP-Pediatrics :)

Anne @ GreenEggs&Moms said...

I have never heard of cup feeding!  I definitely learned something new today :)

Jen said...

This is a new one for me, never would have thought of cup feeding until I saw this post. I am glad to have found this after visiting another blog with great advice.

Faye Cherlisse Hau said...

i want to try this... :) i hope nanay rich can teach me over the phone since i'm from davao..... hehehhee

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