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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Giveaway: Marshmallow Mama's Milkin' Cookies!

Congratulations to Cyrene Ng and Michelle D Boras for winning the giveaway!

Early this year, fellow lawyer Joyce contacted me and asked me if I wanted to sample her milk-making goodies.  Joyce previously posted as guest on this blog while I was on extended vacation in April.  Joyce shared how she decided to move from being a full time lawyer to a full time mama.
Joyce has now ventured into a new business - baking - and has been making Mango Malunggay Milking Cookies since October 2011.  She has asked her breastfeeding friends to sample her products and was met with success!  Her friends reported that their milk output increased after 2 days of eating 3-4 cookies per day.  The main star of her cookies is the local malunggay, instead of the usual fenugreek and brewer's yeast.

packaged for shipping
I received a batch of sample cookies this week.  She sent me a week's supply of 20 mango malunggay cookies and 8 sugar free dark choco oats malunggay cookies.
individually wrapped to ensure freshness 
The cookies are individually packed and can be kept at room temperature for about 2 weeks.  To prolong the shelf life, Joyce recommends that the cookies be stored in the freezer.
If frozen, you can choose to eat the cookies cold, let them sit for a few minutes to soften up or wam in the microwave oven for 5-10 seconds.
Each cookie contains about 200 mg of malunggay powder.  My verdict:  I love the mango malunggay cookies.  I can hardly taste the bitter malunggay.  I'm not really a fan of malunggay powder/teas as I find them quite bitter.  However, the cookies mask the malunggay flavor quite well.  I also love the chewy texture.
check out the texture of the cookies
The Dark Chocolate Oat cookie was not a win for me.  I found it a bit bland - still I couldn't taste the bitter malunggay.  I prefer regular cookies but this could be a great alternative to moms who are watching their sugar intake.  Joyce said that she can also make the dark chocolate cookies using regular sugar.  She is also coming up with a new variant - banana oat walnut cookies.  
Joyce bakes the cookies as ordered and sell them in batches of 28 cookies (or a week's supply of 4 cookies daily).  The mango malunggay cookies and the regular dark choco oats cookies cost 33 pesos for 4 cookies or 231 pesos for a week's supply.  The sugar free cookies (dark choco oats) cost 53 pesos for 4 cookies or 371 pesos for a week's supply.  Shipping to Luzon is 130 pesos while shipping to Visayas and Mindanao is 150 pesos.  However, shipping charges may vary for areas not serviced by courier or for bulk orders. 
Moms can order assorted cookie variants but Joyce recommends that moms order a 2-week supply (56 cookies) to maximize the shippings costs.  
To celebrate the opening of Marshmallow Mama, Joyce is giving away a week's supply of mango malunggay cookies to 2 lucky mamas!  Join through Rafflecopter below.  Contest ends on 16 February 2012. You can also order the cookies directly from Joyce through her Facebook page or via email or text her at 09176265187.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Laura Merwin said...

haha! Sure wish I could win some malunggay cookies... but I was all the way to the bottom before I saw I had to have a Philippine shipping address. What a bummer! 

Filamay Asturias Beboso said...

Marshmallow Mama's Milkin' Cookies!

Dark Choco Oats

pevz said...

i pray that i could win this yummy Marshmallow Mama's Milkin' Cookies! to increase my milk supply...

Alex said...

I want to win too!!! They look super yummy! When is the draw! Hope its before Feb 18! I shall serve it during our Mommy Meet!!!

Jenny said...

just updated post.  contest will end on 16 February 2012.  thanks!

AnalynAlonsagay said...

I want this badly! I'd been breastfeeding my baby 2yrs and 3 mos now, and I really need this :)

Jhocen Grace Ganiron-Valencian said...

where do you put the shipping address?

Themarshmallowmama said...

Again, thanks, Jenny for this blogpost and for hosting the raffle. :) Nursing mamas, thank you also for joining the raffle! I'll get in touch with the winners as soon as they've been announced and bake your milking cookies the soonest!

Themarshmallowmama said...

Hi Laura,

Aaww...too bad! Where are you based? :)

Jhan Rovero-Tria said...

I would like to try them!!!

Badet said...

Joining! Dark choco oats malunggay sounds divine.

Katherine Sicat said...

I joined too and reblogged this! at: 

ria said...

joined :) hope to win some

Themarshmallowmama said...

Jenny, who won, who won? Haha. We. Are. Excited. The cookies are ready for shipping! :) Thanks again, Jenny!

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