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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New product: Snuza

One of my online store clients, Sheryl, recently started a company - Momhattan Corporation to bring in Snuza.  Here is her story:

While I was struggling with my baby paranoia and sleepless nights, I stumbled upon Snuza, an innovative baby monitor which detects movement and breathing.  I was so impressed with the product that I decided I wanted to bring it here in the Philippines and eventually was awarded exclusive distributorship.  This has seriously saved my sanity! :)

I am happy to share with you more information on SNUZA.  It significantly helps parents be free from worrying over SIDS.  SIDS to this day remains to be a major threat to babies and the frightening thing about it is while it is globally acknowledged, we still do not know what exactly causes it. So as parents, we are left to worry over safeguarding our babies especially at night.  While Filipinos usually sleep with their babies in the same room or even co-sleep on the same bed, the risk of SIDS is still high and most of us know someone who had unfortunately experienced this.
Snuza is a breathing/movement baby monitor which attaches to the baby's diaper and can be brought anywhere you go.  It is currently available in 44 countries and we are the 2nd Asian country to have it.
Snuza uses a leading and patented technology, which can detect a slowdown in baby's breathing and can set off an audible alarm at 20 seconds.  There are 2 available models: Halo and Go!  Halo also features a Rouse Warning if it detects that breathing has stopped for 15 seconds.  This warning lets the monitor gently vibrate to encourage breathing again by the baby.  If there is still no breathing in 20 seconds, the audible alarm will be set off.  On the other hand, Go! features an adjustable alarm time if it detects the baby has stopped breathing at 15, 18 or 20 seconds.

With N, S and I were also paranoid and had our own movement and sound monitor.  However, the monitor we had was quite bulky and cumbersome that we eventually abandoned its use.  The Snuza is a small gadget which you clip to your baby's diaper.  One concern I had was whether the gadget will bother my baby, especially since the tip needs to be in touch with your baby's tummy.  Here's Sheryl's answer:
The gadget is small and it curves along where the diaper usually bulges so it kind of bends with it.  The tip is soft and flexible so it won't hurt your baby.  My baby uses it until now and she plays on the bed (crawling, sitting, lunging forward) with it. 
Sheryl is still in the process of launching the product so the list of retailers is not yet available.  Meanwhile, you can check their Facebook page for updates or contact Sheryl via email if you're interested.


Mom-Friday said...

This is such an innovative "gadget" :)
By the way, Snuza has an on going Facebook giveaway for preggy and new moms!

Anne @ GreenEggs&Moms said...

Nice...I used to worry about SIDS too before but never used any gadget. Great to know there's one available now.

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