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Monday, March 19, 2012

Get ready for a FAB event!

Guess what's coming up on the last day of March?

It's time for Babywearing 4!  In a teaser post last February, I mentioned that BW4 is in the works. We have finally ironed out details and it will be held on 31 March 2012 (Saturday), 130pm at Renaissance 3000 Tower B Function Room.  See map below (where "A" is) for details.

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To avoid the chaos that was in Babywearing Meet 2, we have prepared a sign up sheet for interested participants.  As much as we want to accommodate everyone, the current location is a residential condominium complex.  We don't want to antagonize the residents living near the function room as they might ban future similar events.
Anyway, we will open the event to as many participants as the function room can hold.  So please do sign up early to help us plan ahead.  The event is free.  There is paid parking within the complex.
Vendor/manufacturers include Next9, Saya Baby, Ruxpin by Eden, Indigo Baby, Mamaway, Bosom Buddy, Maya Wrap, Bailey Wrap, Boba/Sleepy Wrap (through Numa) and Ticked Moms.  We have asked the vendors/manufacturers to bring their carriers for sale.
We have come a long way from the original babywearing event!  The very first event was held in May 2011, organized by me, Jen Tan of Next9 and Abbie Yabot of Maya Wrap at the behest of Benz of W@W.  Since then, the events have become bigger and more organized.  I'm really excited about this event, especially since I have a young (but not so little) baby to wear!!  We will also be having raffles and so far prizes we have collected include gift certificates for the first 10 early bird registrants from Mothering Earthlings plus a Mamaway sling, a Next9 Baby sling, a Bailey Wrap, a Blissfulbabes Pouch,  2 gift certificates for P1,000 each from Numa, 3 1-week supply vouchers from Mommy Treats, Earth Pockets Bag from Indigo Baby, Transition Tubes from Eden and Babylegs from Roots and Wings Trading!
If you have questions, you can contact me through my CONTACT page. We have been trying to organize a local babywearing association of sorts and actually already have a name!! Hopefully we will be able to formalize the association by then.

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Tiffany said...

Hi jen, i cannot see the other pages so am not sure how to register. How long does the meet usually last? I have another appointment at 5pm but really hoping to attend the babywearing event :)

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