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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Milk Delivery Services Within Metro Manila

Two days ago, Mi'ann of Babymama and I were chatting about the usability of a milk delivery service within Metro Manila.  Mi'ann has been in touch with Candy of Pedala Messengers to set-up a delivery service where the milk recipients need not pick up milk from the donors themselves.  Mi'Ann posted this note in Facebook but I am reposting it here for the benefit of those without Facebook access and because Facebook notes tend to be buried under new notes or posts.  Great job Babymama!

Update: 15 March 2012
PEDALA is a messenger service.  They ARE NOT MILK DONORS NOR ARE THEY A MILK BANK.  You have to be able to previously identify a milk donor (who has agreed to donate milk to you, the recipient) and just contact PEDALA to ask them to pick-up the milk and deliver to the recipient.  BABYMAMA IS ALSO NOT A MILK DONOR OR A MILK BANK.
Thank you.
Pedala Bike Messengers and Babymama have come up with a new service to help breastfeeding recipients pick up milk in a faster and more convenient way. Please read on if you're interested. 

What: PEDALA/Babymama breast milk delivery service

There are 2 types of delivery services:
Rush delivery- rider will go straight from recipient to donor's house and back
Same day delivery - rider will pick up and deliver anytime between 8 am - 6 pm
(For same day delivery, recipient should ensure that insulated container and icepacks are adequate for breast milk transportation within 10 hours. PEDALA/Babymama is not responsible for any breast milk spoilage.)

1. At least one day before pick-up, recipient to schedule with PEDALA at 0917-8073325 with the following details:
Date/time of pick-up, Recipient's address, Donor's address, specify whether rush or same day breast milk delivery.
2. PEDALA will confirm with a text message.
3. On day of pick-up, rider will pick up the insulated container/icepacks at the recipient's house.
4. Rider will go to donor's house.
5. Donor to pack the milk in the container/icepacks.
6. Rider will deliver the breast milk to recipient's house.
7. Recipient to pay rider.

Where: Makati, QC, Manila, Pasay, San Juan, Pasig, The Fort, Marikina, Mandaluyong

When: office hours between Mondays - Fridays only (scheduling and pick-up)

Delivery fees:
P400 for rush breast milk delivery service
P200 for same day breast milk delivery service

Benefit: PEDALA/Babymama breast milk delivery service is a more convenient and less time-consuming way to arrange breast milk pick-ups.

PEDALA is a company of bike messengers joined together to fulfill your personalized delivery needs without the fumes. Fast one day delivery, ecologically friendly, social enterprise, low impact on our streets, does not contribute to traffic, and saves you a ton of gasoline!

Babymama is committed to provide excellent and affordable breastfeeding products to help Filipino moms breastfeed while leading busy lives. and


Mi'Ann Reyes-Oblea said...

thanks for posting this, jenny!!! : )

next9 (Jen CC Tan) said...

Mi'Ann, this is such a great idea! Moms who truly need the milk because their babies are premature or ill, will certainly be less stressed!

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