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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where to Buy: Baby Carriers

Sleeping in a Maya
Interest in babywearing has grown by leaps and bounds! During our meets, we often get questions on where to buy carriers and what carriers are locally available.

Love our homemade abel wrap
Here's a list of brands locally available and where they can be bought.  If you find more carriers, do post a comment and share!  Click the names of the brands to be linked to the websites or Facebook pages where they are available. 

Slinging in a Hotslings AP
Ring Slings
Next9 - Click here to see list of retailers.
Tickled Moms
Bosom Buddy (see reader's comment below)
Maya Wrap - purchase from Abbie Yabot - 09178292268.  Can also purchase from The Medela House

Indigo Baby (pouch) - special line available in Rustan's
HotSlings - from The Eco Baby Boutique and My Baby and My Sling
Peanut Shell
Lucky Baby or Suppori Sling from Japan

Ruxpin Meitai - purchase from Eden by calling 631-5629
Tickled Moms 
Dad loves the SSC
Freehand Meitai

Strolling in a Ruxpin Hybrid
Hybrids and Wraps
Ruxpin Hybrid - purchase from Eden by calling 631-5629

Soft Structured Carriers
Ergo - brought in by Richwell Trading, available at all Baby & Co. stores


The Mommist said...

Great post and site you have here. Very informative! Glad to have chanced upon you on twitter. I like your carrier choices. :) As for my personal experience, I swear by Baby Bjorn. Doing a blog about it now.

Just followed you on GFC. :) Hope I get a follow back. Thank you!

Jenny said...

Thanks for dropping by! Don't forget to check out the series on babywearing safely :)

Jillian said...


I'm actually thinking of gifts to give my cousin (who's now a mom) and baby carriers look like a great choice. Thanks for the post, I now have choices on where to purchase it. Thanks.

dulce said...

Hi Jenny! Have you heard of Sakura Bloom ring sling? =) I currently have a maya wrap but I'm thinking of getting another ring for indoor and one for outdoor hehe I'm thinking of getting Sakura bloom so as to have a different's linen. You have any idea if it's nice? thanks!

Jenny said...

yes!!! i have heard of it. i was salivating over it but ang mahal!!! i'm subscribed to a group which announces when they have sample sales. pero even if on sample sale the cheapest sling is $88!!! plus they have slings that go as high as $1500! so to answer your question, yes i have heard of it AND for the price naman, I assume it SHOULD be nice :D

Jenny said...

thanks fro dropping by jillian!

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