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Friday, February 15, 2013

Summer Fun with KidzArt

N is her father's daughter.  She loves arts and crafts - her streak of creativity inherited from her photographer dad Stanley.  She had her first art class when she was 2 years old. Since then, every time she gets a chance, she always asks to do arts and crafts at home - whether simply drawing, cutting and gluing paper, tracing, etc. etc. In fact, during her daddy dates with Stan, she manages to get Stan to always buy more things for her art kit!
aftermath of a daddy date

Hence, I was quite happy to receive an invitation from KidzArt Philippines for a trial class.  KidzArt is an international art program which is drawing-based and helps build confidence and creative thinking skills. Art classes are offered for kids from 2 years old and up!  They even have Art Soirees for adults which would be perfect for team building or company workshops.    

N and I joined a Saturday morning trial class at their BGC branch.   KidzArt holds classes at the 9th Avenue School in BGC.  Since we were having a family lunch, I had to bring E and happily, there was an area that he could play at outside the classroom.

Since the BGC class was fairly new, there was only 1 regular student plus 2 students who were doing trial classes - N and a 3-year old boy.  We were welcomed by Teacher Iris and Teacher Becky who explained the golden rules of KidzArt.  At the start of the class, we were shown a breakfast scene that the students should end up with.  Given the complexity of the scene, I was doubtful that N could come up with something like that. 
I was very surprised that the kids were given Sharpies to start their drawing.   During my own drawing classes when I was younger (yes I had art classes!), I remember starting my drawings with a pencil so I could erase mistakes.  At KidzArt, they teach kids confidence - it doesn't have to be perfect and learn from mistakes.  So when N thought she drew her spoon wrongly, she learned to improvise and make it look like a spoon again.  Interesting technique!

The kids started practicing on regular pieces of paper.  This was the first time that I sat in and watched N during art class.  I was happy that the art class incorporated concepts from other subjects like shapes, linear direction, time etc.  The kids were also encourage to work quietly and concentrate.  Thus, in the span of 1 hour, N was actually able to complete her work - considering that she did a draft drawing before doing a final one and coloring it.

What I liked about the class is that I believed it helped N develop creative thinking and problem solving - especially since she couldn't erase her mistakes.  Teacher Iris also explained that they have different art mediums per session to allow the kids to experiment and decide which medium they like best.
KidzArt currently has 3 branches:
  • 3/F 500 Shaw Zentrum, 500 Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City
  • Mezzanine Level, Active Fun Bldg., 9th Ave cor. 28th St. BCG
  • 22 Cauliflower St. Valle Verde 5 Club House Pasig City.

You can also reach them at the following numbers:
  • Mandaluyong and BGC: 9259950, 09178559644, 09277401394
  • Pasig: 6344152 or 09273607936
Meanwhile, if you're looking for a creative summer activity for your kids, you may want to consider their Summer Art Camp:

 Age : Kids 4-12 years old 
Length : 10 days (2.5 hrs. per day) 
Rate : Php 8,500 
Early Bird Discounts : 10% until Feb. 2013 and 5% until March 8, 2013 
 Schedule : 
** Mandaluyong, Shaw Studio - Mon-Fri 930-12NN & 4-630PM (Apr 15-26/ May 6-17) 
** BGC, 9th Avenue Studio - MWF: 930-12NN (Apr 8-29)

Thank you KidzArt Philippines for letting us try your program!

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