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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Last Chance to Make Your Own Havaianas

Tuesday was a special night! Not only was it my first time to attend a "Make Your Own Havaianas" which is now on its 8th year (where was I, the past 7 years?!), I also got to spend a night out with girl friends!

I braved the traffic from Manila to Rockwell - and it was really bad because it was a payday and the eve of a holiday.  I got to Rockwell Tent a little past 7 and the party was in full swing!
this hot air balloon made of slippers
greets you as you enter the venue
I met up with the SoMoms who were also all giddy with excitement.  Most of us were attending MYOH for the first time and for some, it was the first night out (without kids!) for years!!
the SoMoms having fun!
thanks to Mommy Mundo for the photo
When I bought my first pair of Havaianas back in 2004, it was plain aqua blue - no fancy frills.  Since then, Havaianas has expanded its collection - Disney, Filipinas and even UAAP designs!  However, store-bought slippers are limited to fixed designs and there is no opportunity to design your own e.g. change straps or add pins, etc.

After going to #MYOH2013, I know understand why hordes of people flock to it year after year!
shelves full of colors
Yes, you are getting flip flops but there is something special about choosing your own design - personalizing it and knowing that you are making a unique one of a kind pair.
the frenzy begins!
As with every MYOH event, Havaianas partners with an artist to come out with an exclusive design available only during the event. The past collaborations had been with foreign artists but this year, it is with Filipino illustrator Dan Matutina who came up with the very first glow-in-the-dark commemorative pair!
flip-flops for myself and a limited edition pair for Mr. Ong 
One disappointment was that there were no sizes available for kids.  Some of the SoMoms bought the smallest adult size for their child to grow into.  I decided not to because N still has 1 pair of Havaianas that she has yet to grow into and we are running out of storage space in our home!

My fit flops from #MYOH2013 were packaged in reusable tote bags.  The tote bags also come with markers and my budding artist N immediately went to work on them.

This year's #MYOH2013 theme is You + Havaianas and Havaianas Philippines has launched its first ever flip-flops design contest. The contest is currently ongoing and you can join through this link.  Pretty exciting because if your design wins, it will be introduced as a Limited Edition style of the Havaianas 2014 Collection to be named after you!

You have until today to head on to the Rockwell Tent, make your own Havaianas and see what the hype is all about!

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