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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thank you Estee Lauder for this Sibling Date

My sister and I are one-year apart and are very close.  In our home in Davao, although we had separate bedrooms, we never slept apart.  Both of us slept in my bedroom until we moved to Manila for college.  We only started using our separate bedrooms now that we each have our respective families.  

In college, we stayed in Eliazo Hall and decided not to be roommates.  After graduation, we moved in together again until we had to go our separate ways for work, further studies and eventually marriage.  We used to go on dates often - shopping, movies, eating.  However, when we had our families, priorities changed and sister dates now became "family dates".

Several weekends ago, the SoMom were invited to a make-up session with Estee Lauder.  We were asked to bring one guest and I chose to bring my sister. Of course, the kids had tagged along and because the activity was in Rustan's, we were able to bring them with their yayas and let them stay at the play area. 

We were introduced to their new foundation - the Double Wear Stay in Place Make up which comes in a variety of shades to allow you to find the best match for your skin tone. My mom is a Estee Lauder fan and has been using their make up for decades.  

What's new with the Double Wear foundation? Well, for one, it is great for people who need their make-up to stay on for the whole day!  Estee Lauder boasts of its 15-hour staying power! I'm not a make-up gal and to be honest, I can't imagine having make-up on my face for that long! 

I do want to thank Estee Lauder for inviting the SoMoms and allowing us to bring our "plus one" to the event.  I enjoyed the afternoon chatting with my fellow SoMoms who also attended the activity.  Waiting for your face to be completely made up is not as tedious if you have friends (and sister) to chat with.  ;)

Sisters out on a date
With SoMom Janice and Audrey of Googoo&gaga
Thank you Estee Lauder PH for these goodies!
Waiting for their moms

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