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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rubella and Breastfeeding

Sorry I haven't been posting as much.  We're leaving for the holidays and I am in a packing frenzy.

This is just a quick post to reply to a message sent to me via my Facebook page.

 Query: I've been breastfeeding my five month baby girl. Unfortunately yesterday i found out that i have german measles. I immediately called my pedia regarding breastfeeding her. She said that i have to stop until I'm fully well.

My answer: Baby is already past newborn stage. Rubella is not a contraindication to breastfeeding

Sources:, Rubella

I advised mom to get a 2nd opinion from another pediatrician and she said that the second pediatrician said the same thing as her first pediatrician.  I have to clarify.  She should get the opinion of a pediatrician who is well-versed in breastfeeding.  

Again, no pediatrician will tell you that s/he is not breastfeeding-friendly or pro-breastfeeding.  It is up to you to do your research.  This is just one of the instances where you can truly "test" whether your pediatrician is breastfeeding-friendly or not.

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