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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quick Cooking with Tiger Corporation's Tacook

Tiger has been a part of kitchens in all the households that I have been part of.  When I was a child, growing up in Davao City, I remember my mom's kitchen filled with Tiger appliances.  When buying a hot pot or a rice cooker, my mom always reminded me to buy only the brand Tiger.   My own kitchen has Tiger thermos, a small Tiger rice cooker and various Tiger food and drinks containers.  Even my mother-in-law has Tiger addiction - every trip back from Singapore includes a Tiger product in her luggage.

When I started bringing packed lunch, my first container was the insulated Tiger lunch box.  I also had drinking flasks from Tiger so I could bring my own coffee to the office.  E received this thermal jar which I previously used to bring home taho.  Now, we make our own taho and E uses this flask to keep his taho warm.

I had the opportunity to attend the launch of a new Tiger appliance in the Philippines - the Tacook Rice Cooker (Thanks Janice and Tin!).  During the launch, Tiger's Lorraine Munoz also showcased some of their other products.  I just had to use this wedding layout because I know for a fact that a Tiger product usually appears in each wedding registry list - I know mine included several Tiger products.
Toaster - P2,500; Cordless kettle - P3,199.75
and Electric Grill - P5,999.75

Also during the launch, we were introduced to this very light and yummy Castella sponge cake.  The Japanese principal, Mr. Hayato Shiba brought it to the Philippines especially for this launch.  Not too sweet, I found it perfect with coffee.  Will definitely look for this in our April trip to Tokyo!
Castella cake

Tiger's Mr. Shiba also introduced their very innovative Tacook.  It is a rice cooker that allows you to cook another viand at the same time.   If we, Filipinos, like our rice with ulam, the Japanese eat their rice with okazu.  The Tacook comes with a recipe book filled with about 40 recipes.  First one we tried was simmered chicken with potatoes and tomato sauce.   Easy to cook and yummy!!
our first Tacook dish

The instruction booklet says that only dishes in the recipe book can be cooked in the Tacook.  However, we tried Stan's favourite - pinatisang baboy - my mother-in-law's recipe and it worked!  The trick is to maximize the space by arranging the pieces of meat, veggies, condiments to fit in the orange container.  Our Tacook, which Tiger Corporation generously gave us, is 1.8L-size and can feed 4 adults and 2 kids!
Preparing the pinatisang baboy
One-touch cooking!
Since we use brown or red rice mixed with quinoa, I was worried that the rice won't be cooked at the same time with the viand because our coloured rice takes a longer time to cook than white rice.  I was also worried that some of the sauce would spill into the grains.  The orange container has no holes on the bottom and since the sauce sits there, there are no spills as the sauce gets absorbed into the meat and veggies.  Also, because the viand is cook on top of the rice, the smell of the ulam does not transfer to the rice but wafts up towards the Tacook cover.   The rice was also perfectly cooked - tender and fragrant. 

Here is my MIL's recipe:
Quick and Easy Pinatisang Baboy
tenderloin pork - cut into small strips
fresh black beans (can also use canned but fresh beans are crunchy)
chopped garlic, liquid aminos (can be soy sauce)

We don't have exact measurements - just eyeball it (as Rachel Ray says!).  Put everything in the orange container, put a little liquid aminos (this is very salty! so just put a little).   Put the rice in the bottom container, close the lid then click the "synchronized cooking" button.  It takes about 85 minutes for the rice and this viand to be cooked.  The Tacook automatically goes into "Keep Warm" function once cooked.  Easy-peasy - allows you to do other chores while your rice and viand is cooking. 

The Tacook retails for P4,799.75 (5 cups) and P5,499.75 (10 cups).  It is locally and readily available in SM Department Stores, Landmark, Robinsons Department Store, Metro Gaisano, Rustan's and several independent retailers. 

Now, what to cook in our Tacook next?

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