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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

GCDC Philippines' Guinness attempt

Hooray! We qualified for the 2014 Great Cloth Diaper Change Guinness attempt.   This year's event was held at the Blue Leaf Events Pavilion and would not have been successful if not for our partnership with 2 mommy groups - N@W and MCNP.

Thanks to Benz of N@W, we were able to secure a wonderful venue - Blue Leaf's Jade Pavilion!  Incidentally, this Sunday, the Blue Leaf will be hosting "The Big Banquet" - a food-tasting event by the top caterers of Metro Manila.  Click here for tickets.
Photo by Nikz Dizon
Benz was also able to get sponsors for photos (Imagine Nation), set-up and decoration (4th Wall) and food (Josiah's).   Because height measurement was a must for babies, 4th Wall set up this height guide so parents can easily check if their babies fall within the height requirement.
height measurement chart from 4th Wall
Our lovely backdrop, courtesy of 4th Wall, was used as the photo corner.  Before and after the 11 o'clock change, families and babies could have their portraits taken thanks to Imagine Nation Photography.
backdrop and photo corner
Of course, what event will be complete without loot bags!  We had shirts for the babies to be changed printed by Arts and Prints.  We also had commemorative wooden utensils sets thanks to Kubyertos Collection!

Erik certainly fit the height requirement.  However, he was already potty trained and refuses to wear diapers.  He even doesn't wear thick training pants anymore and only wants his "briefs."  I'm saving his potty-training story for another post!  But both N and E were cloth diapered so they still got into the action.  Both kids were up early and helped us prepare the collaterals like the box for the cloth diaper donations and stickers for the loot bags. 

Of course, what would the event be without the participants.  For this, we have MCNP to thank for.  If there is anything you want to learn about cloth diapers, you have join MCNP or Modern Cloth Diapering Pinays.  Most of our participants are members of this group and because of these cloth diaper enthusiasts, we successfully qualified for the Guinness World Book of Records attempt with 88 participants!  We have already submitted our evidence which have been verified so we are now just waiting for the other locations to send in their numbers and evidence.  The Philippines has done its part!
88 participants qualified!
Who would've thought that we would be able to pull off this event with volunteer organizers?  Thanks to my fellow volunteers -- it was a pleasure to work with you!

If you missed the event, relive it through GMANews' feature.  

What did we hope to accomplish with this event?  Cloth diaper companies have little or even no advertising/marketing budget compared to the disposable giants.  With this activity, we hope that we have put the thought of using cloth diapers in a Filipino family's consciousness.  Every disposable diaper that remains unused and not thrown in the landfill is a step closer to a 100% cloth diapering Philippines.  Watch out for next year's Great Cloth Diaper Change Philippines.  Like the Facebook page for updates!

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