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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Owl Coffee Now Available in the Philippines

I first encountered Owl Coffee at one of my regular visits to Little Store in Gilmore more than 1 year ago.  I was curious about instant Singaporean coffee.  I've tried the Singaporean style coffee in Ya Kun Kaya and Toast Box but haven't had instant coffee, Singapore style.

I immediately purchased several packs in different varieties - Teh Tarik, Nanyang White Coffee and the Kopi Tiam Roast.  Not bad, not bad at all for instant coffee! I need to have my daily coffee at the office and I was very happy with the wide variety offered by Owl.
so many choices!

So, when Michelle invited me to join her at the Owl Coffee launch in mid-March, I immediately said yes.  I was surprised that the brand was not yet launched in the Philippines when I had been enjoying it for more than a year already.  According to Kerwin Wong, CEO of Transaxion Unlimited, the exclusive importer and distributor of Owl in the Philippines, they only launched this year because they wanted to ensure that Owl Coffee was readily available at more stores before formally introducing it to the media.

The affair was hosted by Magic 89.9's Tony Toni and included a coffee talk by Boyd Coffee Company Philippines' Robert Francisco, a renowned Coffeology Expert and Coffee Connoisseur.  From his talk, I learned that aside from the popular Robusta and Arabica coffee varieties, there were 2 more - Excelsa and Liberica which were less popular.  However, all 4 varieties were available in the Philippines.  Did you know that the popular Barako coffee is of the Excelsa variety?

He also presented an elaborate process on how instant coffee is made from the picking of the ripe cherries to the end product of a hot cup of coffee.  Owl uses the wet process of coffee making while the Philippines' different coffee makers use the sun drying process.

Mr. Francisco also shed light on the popular belief that coffee is acidic.  He clarified that because coffee is a stimulant, it stimulates your digestive juices and is not acidic itself.  Further, if you drink coffee because you want to stay up, it is better to drink instant coffee over brewed because the former has higher levels of caffeine.

The distributors of Owl Coffee, namely Kerwin Wong, Marvin Hung and Mona Lisa Chua also conducted a panel discussion where they shared the reasons why they decided to bring Owl Coffee to the Philippines and their other campaigns and activities to promote the brand.

Because I went straight to the launch after bringing N to school, I arrived early and received an early bird prize -- a notebook which Stanley has sequestered.  
Thanks Michelle for this photo
Aside from the media launch, Transaxion Unlimited has an ongoing the "Owl Made Me Do It" caravan which will be going around Quezon, Makati, and Pasig City business districts until May 2014.  

Have you seen and tried Owl Coffee? Which one is your favorite variety?

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