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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Invitation to Breastfeeding 101: Beginning Breastfeeding

*Sharing this seminar to new and soon-to-be moms. This will also be a chance for you to check out Medela items. To register, contact The Medela Moms (see information below).

We would like to invite everyone to Breastfeeding 101: Beginning Breastfeeding. Arm yourselves with the power of knowledge so you can't be swayed by well-meaning family or friends to switch to formula! The class will be on July 25 at 10am. Speaker will be Ms. Abbie Yabot, leading La Leche League certified lactation counsellor. Organized by The Breastfeeding Club, fee will be P500 for non-members. Upon payment, you will be entitled to 2 other classes: Sustaining Breastfeeding (Sept 26) and Breastfeeding and Beyond (Oct. 24) and will have access to privileges and discounts from the sponsors (Medela, Prolacta, BabySmiths, Planet Noah, and HandyDandy Diapers). The class will be held at the Medela House - 29 1st St., New Manila, QC. See you there!

Register thru this email or through 0917-5614366 or thru 725-3723/738-6272.

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