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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Setting up a Lactation Program At Work, Preparing for the Festival

August is a very hectic month and I'm in the midst of preparing for my office's breastfeeding awareness festival, a family vacation in Singapore and a talk on breastfeeding and working I will be giving in my hometown at the end of the month. Our breastfeeding awareness festival has finally been given the "official" stamp of approval by my institution's management! We started the preparations while we were securing management approval.

We also had to obtain the approval of the Milk Code's Inter-Agency Committee by accomplishing this form, and submitting it with our program of activities to the Bureau of Food and Drugs. We had to obtain approval because we invited Medela and Playtex as exhibitors. Since Medela and Playtex also make feeding bottles and nipples, their participation in seminars targetted to pregnant and young mothers need to be pre-approved. Happily, I was able to confirm via text message from the IAC Secretariat that their participation was approved by the IAC, subject to the condition that they don't display feeding bottles, pacificers, teats.
We have been able to invite an impressive list of speakers, including a neonatologist who will talk about her recent research on breastfeeding and infectious diseases. We also invited several exhibitors who had mommy and baby-friendly products.
What I'm finding it difficult now is working with the concerned department on the program specifics, logistics, etc. We will be setting another meeting and hopefully be able to finalize this activity. More details after the festival (next week already!!!)

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