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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Friday's Synchronized Breastfeeding

Last Friday, October 2, mothers from my government institution joined the world by participating in the Synchronized Breastfeeding event. We didn't have much time to prepare for the event because of the recent typhooon. Luckily, we were very well-supported by management. In fact, it was C's boss who suggested that we participate in the event by organizing a session at our workplace.
After sending an email announcement to all employees, we were able to gather only 4 moms to participate. There were several other moms who wanted to join. But because of the incoming storm Pepeng, they decided to keep their babies safe at home.
It was a very short and simple ceremony. I had a short talk and shared the call for breastmilk for the infant victims of Ondoy as well as the importance of discouraging formula donations. Then, it was 10am and we proceeded with a one-minute synchronized breastfeeding while a prayer for breastfeeding moms was read.
Previously, the Philippines participated in a mass synchronized breastfeeding event. However, this year, because of Ondoy, the event was smaller-scaled yet I think it was more meaningful. The main organizers, Nona and Dra. Elvira, gathered a group of volunteer wet nurses and suckled infant victims at an evacuation center in San Juan.
Also on the same day, another group headed by Dr. Silvestre plus several L.A.T.C.H. volunteers headed out to Cainta, Rizal and brought the collected donor's milk. One of the volunteer moms, Mec, blogged about her experience here.
Secretary Duque has emphasized the need to continue breastfeeding or to encourage moms who are mixed feeding to go back to exclusive breastfeeding. Several other milk banks have intensified efforts to collect donor milk.
Meanwhile, L.A.T.C.H. is in the midst of coordinating and scheduling more visits to evacuation centers this week in response to Alex's call. Everyone was really happy that Pepeng (Parma) avoided Metro Manila (although it hit Cagayan really hard) and hope that we continue to have fair weather this week to facilitate the continuation of relief operations.

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