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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Night Nursing

Naima is almost 2 but her nursing sessions are increasing in frequency! During the day, she doesn't drink milk -- just around 80ml. We've weaned her from the bottle so she takes her milk from her straw cup. She's also now able to sleep on her own for nap times with yaya sitting on the foot of her bed with a Tagalog pocketbook.
But during weekends, it has to be Mommy Jen who has to put her to sleep! And she nurses a lot when we're together. She still doesn't sleep through the night -- boo! Now that she's articulate, it's "milk, Milk, MILK!" in the middle of the night -- not only that, she also insists on having the "o-der side, mommy jen".
I'm really think it's time for night weaning (at least on my part). We've already set up her crib beside our main bed and put her there when she turns in for the night. But after the first waking she always manages to climb up back on our main bed.
Lately, she has also been having night terrors -- she wakes up crying and can't be calmed down by nursing. I've been planning to stop pumping at work when Naima hits 2 but I think the night nursings are still here to stay.
*sigh* i miss my bed and i miss a full night's sleep!

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