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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Last Meeting of the Year for La Leche League Manila

La Leche League Manila will be having its last meeting of the year on 12 December 2009, 9-11a.m. at Mary the Queen Parish Hall, Greenhills. LLLI meetings are informal and not really breastfeeding classes. Each month, a LLLI leader usually takes charge and discuses a certain topic. However, attendees can ask any question or concern they may have about breastfeeding. There are usually experienced moms, pregnant moms and new moms in attendance. It's a great mix of moms with a variety of experience (from none to advance! :D). You can read about my experiences here.
This Saturday's meeting is special as it will be the last meeting of the year and LLLI will be having a potluck. If you would like to attend and meet other nursing moms, do get in touch with LLLI Leader Cris Rosenthal via email or 09178941099. Having the support of like-minded moms is one of the things that helped me successfully breastfeed and La Leche League meetings are great venues to meet other nursing moms in a casual setting.

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