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Friday, December 11, 2009

Nursing in the News

Just some interesting news I read about breastfeeding:

1. I'm always happy to read about celebrities who share that their babies are breastfeeding. Latest celebrity is Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio who shares that his 4-month old son is "only on breast milk right now, and even at night time, when he wakes up, you just stick a bottle in mouth or breastfeed him and he goes right back to sleep." I'm not too happy to read about him sticking bread or strawberries in his son's mouth though.

2. Meanwhile, Today presenter John Humphreys had been enjoying breastmilk with his morning drink. His co-worker, Rosie Millard, a former BBC arts correspondent had been expressing milk which she stored in a common fridge. Someone spiked Humphreys' coffee with her milk. Humphreys was unperturbed -- he had drank breast milk for the first year of his life.

3. Finally, I was really disturbed with the article that a breastfeeding mother may have accidentally smothered her infant during a United Airlines flight. The mom was on her way to Kuwait from Washington DC with her 4-week old baby smothered her baby while allegedly breastfeeding. Although United Airlines refused to confirm reports, almost all headlines related to this incident screamed "breastfeeding mother smothers baby". Experts were quick to point out however that it was not breastfeeding but rather sleepsmothering (falling asleep with an infant in arms) which put the baby at risk. I have to agree -- whether or not you were breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your baby, the danger lies in the act of falling asleep on your baby and NOT in the act of breastfeeding your baby.

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