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Friday, March 19, 2010

Reporting Milk Code Violations

UPDATE 1 September 2012.

The Department of Health has launched an online portal where you can report Milk Code violations! Visit this page:

I've had this in my file for sometime now but realized that I had not posted about how to report Milk Code violations. The University of the Philippines' Volunteers for Children has spearheaded the reporting of violations to the BFAD. As previously discussed in BFAD's milk code forum, a compilation of reports on 1 company is more effective than single reports handed in by sporadically. UP Volunteers for Children are compiling reports and consolidating them for submission to BFAD. Here are details on how to report violations, which I am reproducing from this site. Reports of violations should be emailed here.

What: Monitoring of violations of the milk code
Who can monitor: Virtually everyone may report violations of the milk code.
Who are covered by the code: manufacturers, distributors of products described below, and their representatives; health workers and health system; and any other company or brand name when they promote and/or market their product in such a way that they undermine breastfeeding; mothers and the
general publicProducts covered by the code: breastmilk substitutes; bottlefed complementary food; teats; feeding bottles;
other milks, foods and beverages when marked or represented as partial or total replacement for breastmilk (breastfeeding) simple terms, when these are promoted in a way to undermine breastfeeding.

Notes to take:
All health and nutrition claims for the products described above are not allowed-
Milk Companies should not give out any financial or material inducements or gifts of any sort (e.g. scholarships, raffle draws, etc.)
Milk Companies should not give out samples of products described above (whether to lactating mothers or any other person for that matter)
Milk Companies should not support and/or hold activities or events related to breastfeeding or other events where there are mothers and children are participants (this includes sponsoring the event of any organization, whether the event deals with breastfeeding or not)
-Other promotions like buy-one-take-one, discounts, bonus, tie-ins, etc. are also not allowed
- The use pictures of babies or children with other people in their container or label is also not allowed
- The display of promotional or marketing paraphernalia in health related places
The donation of products described above are also prohibited




1. Type of Violation:
2. Type of Material: (booklet, leaflet, ad, video cassette, mail audio, cd, display, webpage, text messages, visual, poster, billboard, e-media, telephone calls, Audio-visual, theater, other ____)
3. Where was the material found? (General hospital, maternity, pediatric unit, clinic, doctor's office, health center, pharmacy, supermarket, shop, by the roadside, magazine, radio, local tv, cable tv, junk mail, cinema, newspaper, video, scientific journal, internet, others ____)
4. Name of place/media/site where it was found/observed:
Date of publication (if possible):
5. If the market is an advertisement or program aired over TV or radio, give full description. If possible, provide audio or videotape.

Remarks/Findings/Proposed Action/Action Taken:

Monitored by:

E-mail your reports here.

Update: 19 June 2012
The Department of Health has set guidelines on the reporting of Milk Code Activities.  Access Department Circular No. 2009-0228 dated 17 August 2009 HERE. It will tell you where to report the violations and includes a printable form which you need to fill up and attach to your report. 

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